Dublin ain’t doing so good, either. the Around Dublin Blog looks at the city’s budget woes that look similar to Hayward and San Leandro. Property taxes have dried up along with sales tax receipts. According to Around Dublin, that’s nearly three-fourths of the city’s revenue. Like San Leandro, a recent survey of residents listed public safety as their top priority….

In advance of tonight’s city council meeting in Oakland, the blog Oakland Local asks, “What will Oakland’s Energy and Climate Action Plan look like? If it looks anything like San Leandro’s climate action plan passed late last year, it will be quickly placed on the budgetary chopping block within months. The plan in Oakland goes further than San Leandro’s, calling for greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced 47 percent below 2004 levels by 2020 and provide half of the city’s powers with clean energy by 2017….

In recent days, the City of Berkeley has floated the idea of charging customers for recycling. In turns out, residents are so conscience of recycling, that regular garbage pick-up is declining in both trash and revenues. Robert Gammon at the East Bay Express 92510 blog says, “Charging for curbside recycling could prove to be an eco-disincentive if it’s set up wrong.”….

New AC Transit routes had some customers confused Monday. The Oakbook chronicled the day along with interesting links to the transportation authority’s history.

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