You’ve Got Mail From Nadia Lockyer


After a long days work, I came home to the usual boring junk in the mail; bills, advertisements, bills, greeting card, Proposition 16 literature and a GIANT envelope from the Nadia Lockyer campaign.

Wowza! Someone’s got some cash to spend. Move over Mary Hayashi, Nadia Lockyer is on her way!

To date, I am not sure the exact amount of money Mrs. Lockyer has raised; it’s not that I’m too lazy to look it up, I think sharing the number doesn’t matter. Why? Because if I said the number it would only turn into an argument that she can raise how much she wants; neglecting the other candidates. Someone will then argue, she’s the popular one and I’ll end it there with, “Why the hell is this a popularity contest, because your candidate has a famous last name?”

This envelope contained a letter opening with “Dear Neighbor” and went on to talk about her announcement for county supervisor and that she’s going to tell me more about who she is. First off, Mrs. Lockyer, you’re not my neighbor. As your material points out, you live on Oakes Drive in Hayward…the nice part of Hayward, the part that’s hidden from the problems you think you’ll fix. Perhaps you were referring to your campaign headquarters on A Street. Question: Why does a candidate for county supervisor have a campaign headquarters, let alone, need one?

Nadia goes on to talk about the three other candidates who are looking for a job because of term limits; I think I need to do research.

Hayward City Councilman Kevin Dowling has served on the council since 1998. In fact, Hayward City Councilman Olden Henson has been serving since 1994. Mr. Dowling has served the City of Hayward for 12 years and thinks he’s ready to serve at the county level; that’s admirable, not because of “term limits.” According to an email response from the Hayward city clerk, there are no term limits on councilmember’s; so, Mrs. Lockyer’s literature is not completely true about Mr. Dowling, one of three other choices.

As for the other two candidates, well, I think they probably fall under the same category. Liz Figueroa is on the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (appointed by Don Perata); perhaps Mrs. Lockyer is playing cheap in saying she can no longer run for Senate or Assembly. BUT, Mrs. Figueroa only served two terms in the assembly, so there’s hope there.

Perhaps Mrs. Lockyer is referring to Mrs. Figueroa as one of the many California politicians that jumps from office to office. Politicians like Jerry Brown, Art Torres…or…Bill Lockyer. (And for fun and not bitterness, let me speculate that Mary Hayashi will soon become one of those lifers we’re stuck with.)

Next, Nadia talks about how people ask her if she’s married to Bill Lockyer. She tells them yes, her husband is the “California State Treasurer.” They were married in 2003, had a kid in 2003 and are both committed to serving and improving their community. Oh, and she’s running with her own ideas in mind, not Bill’s, not Art’s, not Mary’s. A former Santa Ana (Orange County) School Board member that studied law in Los Angeles is somehow more qualified to serve this county then a veteran (and passionate) councilman, or a former State Senator/Assembly Member or Mayor. Yet, so many will think she’s ready, and that her name doesn’t hurt her, nor do her friends that stand in-front and on the side of her.

We’re left to believe in her “proven track record of delivering government services to those most in need.” However, I question her track record since she’s never been elected to public office, outside of a school board in Orange County. She is not a regular Jane, as her campaign tries to spin it; complete with a play room for children at campaign headquarters. She is married to a powerful man, a former Attorney General, now Treasurer with a war chest bigger than many out there. Jerry Brown calls her a “county manager” in his endorsement; is county manager a loose term these days? Mary Hayashi says she’s a “great new voice for our community.” Mary knows a thing or two about being new to a community; she moved to Castro Valley (or is she in Hayward, or Sacramento five days a week) not so long ago. Mary also talks about Nadia being an adult caregiver; I admire that a lot, but it seems to really exploit the care she gave. And Hayward City Councilman Bill Quirk, supporting an outside and not a fellow member of the council to probably gain powerful support, calls her a “county manager” as well. He says she’s a “new voice for improving education, bringing jobs to the community and preventing violence.”

Then there is a one-page glossy print of three photographs; one of Nadia and her husband, California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, one of their son and one of her with her son. Now, I will not go on about her family, however, I will point out that good money must have been spent for us to know that she has a picture-perfect family. We’re also left to believe that she believes “county government can do more for children and families,” more than, I guess city, state or federal government, “especially in these tough economic times.” One could probably argue if she knows how hard times are for families, living up on Oakes Drive.

And just in case you want to show you support for Mrs. Lockyer and believe in her “track record of delivering government services efficiently while saving taxpayers money” (still waiting on more details of that statement), she’s graciously included a big red and black campaign sign for you to stick in your window. The sign is to “help remind others to vote.” If that’s the case, I’ll just remind them of the election in June, and let them pick the candidate they think is best for the district and county.

All that said…Nadia sure has a lot to live up to.

Nicholas Terry is a resident of Hayward and a former Alameda County Consumer Affairs Commissioner and Hayward Citizens Advisory Commissioner.

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