Fend for Yourself, Kid

Stephens abstains from backing council resolution against state cuts to child care services
Hey kids, don’t ask San Leandro Councilman Bill Stephens for sympathy when the governor cuts funding for child care because you won’t get it from Mr. Conservative.

The city council voted 6-0 to back a resolution Monday night against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposed cuts to child care services. The governor hopes the cuts will begin to narrow an estimated $19 billion deficit. Stephens, though, chose to abstain after giving yet another loquacious statement hinting at his opposition to the symbolic demand.

This is a difficult item. Let me explain why. I think it’s a worthy item, but at the same time it’s almost a hallow item and the reason why is that we want the state of California not to impose cuts but we don’t say what we want them to cut. If we are going to be brave, we could basically say they should cut the redevelopment agency money and use it for this program. Or we should say they should cut education. When they don’t have enough money, we’re basically saying, “Oh, don’t cut this,” but we’re not brave enough to say what they should cut and, to me, that’s just kissing babies. I think I will just abstain on this.

Stephens uses the word “brave,” or lack thereof, twice in his statement, but why didn’t he go all the way and dare vote against the resolution? Afterwards, one councilmember commented on Stephens’ stance saying wryly, “He’s definitely not going with popular opinion.”

Before the vote, which, incidentally was placed on the consent calendar and pulled for discussion by Stephens, the executive director of the Davis Street Family Resource Center Rose Padilla Johnson told the council Schwarzenegger’s proposal “is not reasonable and not the right thing to do.” Johsnon says 221 children in the city will lose funding July 1 for their child care and will affect more than just families, but also child care providers. This did not sway Stephens, though, who once placed the needs of children equal to funding for cleaning the city’s gutters and pruning its trees during a finance meeting last year.

Councilman Jim Prola immediately followed Stephens and offered a few solutions to remedy the budget shortfall instead of affecting the needs of children ranging from closing corporate tax loopholes and raising fees.

If Stephens is the furthest right on the council, then Prola is the furthest left and few times did the gulf between ruthless fiscal responsibility and general compassion for people seem so far apart.


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  1. I'll help Bill Stephens with the logic. By cutting essential services to kids and other social welfare programs the state will incur higher expenses in the future.
    There Bill was that so hard? Maybe Bill needs to see the wizard and ask for a heart.


  2. How about Bill sponsoring a track meet at Burrell Field with kids running 100m with scissors. Bare-foot long jump into a pit of broken glass?


  3. Stephens should have had the balls to just vote NO. I'm sick and tired of all these people with their damn hands out asking for more money. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! Wipe away the crocodile tears.


  4. So Manuel you think these kids should go out and get jobs? They need to take responsibility for their lives? Are you that stupid? What am I saying I read your comments here, you are that stupid.


  5. Hey Babooze, The parents are the ones who need to take responsibility for their lives and their kids. This is another Leftists ploy to increase taxes; oh it's for the children, the lame, the sick, the old, the frail. boo hoo hoo. I'm sick and tired of all these Lazy Leftists want to taking more of people's money to fund stupid programs. So take your crocodile tears and go cry on someone else's shoulder.



  6. Screw that leech Prola. Compassion? Compassion my ass. All this parasite wants to for a freeloader society so bums like him can show up at a government jobsite for 30 years, retire at age 50 for 100% of their wages. Go to hell Prola you, toothless, money grubbing bum. Closing corporate loopholes? Hey Dunce, corporations are paying taxes that fund, lazy ignornant bums like you to work for the government and then leech on the Pension System.


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