Question #3: Glenn Beck & "Peetsy-Weetsy"

Glenn Beck again took aim Tuesday at Rep. Pete Stark and his somewhat jocular conversation with a member of the Minutemen. Beck used a nearly 20 year old video of Stark to set up an eight minute rant about…I don’t know. Can you tell me?

Question #3: What point is Glenn Beck trying to make about Pete Stark?

It is clear Beck had never heard of Fortney Stark before last week. For one, his name is not Peter and those making $45,000 in the East Bay are not itching to kick him out of Congress. If Beck had done his homework before thrashing Stark, he would have included this fact to bolster his argument during his childish exhibition: Stark does not live in California. The fancy home on the lake, it’s in Maryland.

6 thoughts on “Question #3: Glenn Beck & "Peetsy-Weetsy"

  1. The point that Beck is trying to make is that Stark is the typical rich Marxists who is out for his own power and wanting to make as many people into his serfs as possible. He is a vile and repulsive person.


  2. I'm noticing that even the Beck admirers/Stark haters don't even try to take on the question asked. I don't blame any of you; who knows what he's saying? He's all over the place, reporting factually false information as “research”, cognitive dissonance turned up to 11.

    I love his claim that G.W. Bush “abandoned the free market system”, presumably by his and Congress' passing of the first TARP in late 2008. Note that Beck fails to mention that he publicly supported the passage of that legislation at the time. What a spectacular demagogue he is.


  3. John:

    I advise you NOT to agree with me on here; you will forever be polarized as a bigot, from someone who is 67 times smarter then you. Yes, they write from the basement of their grandmothers, but they are smarter then you.

    Side-note: Thanks, John…Beck, DOES have a large research staff (I know some registered Democrats that work for him). I've had to call out a few things but EVERY media outlet has flaws…Beck is the only one that ACTUALLY seems to read and doesn't rely on staff 100% of the time. When I was a talent agent, I read every script…they say the good ones do; otherwise you get “coverage,” some recent college grad reads it over his weekend and writes a one page synopsis for you.


  4. Mr. Terry, so right you are, you not only have to be a democrat to keep electing old Stark the Shark, but you have to be a dumb one. As for Beck, again you are right, if you dont believe what he is saying he says look it up. He has a large staff so that what he talks about on his show has been researched.


  5. Anyone who attacks Beck…never watches him, never takes time to listen to him, never gets it. They will attack…and all he asks is, “what if I am right? I hope i'm wrong, but what if?” He used the 20 year old video for a reason; to prove again how arrogant, ignorant and incompetent these people are. Does Mr. Stark have a PhD in economics? Uh, huh, I see.

    Steven…Beck is not the only one on tv “trashing” politicians. The childish exhibition is called sarcasm, brother!

    Somehow Stark is given a pass, but don't you dare yell out “you lie!”


  6. I'm glad that Beck is exposing this Red Bastard because the ignorant brain dead slobs around here don't know any better.


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