Stark Says Toke Up, California!

Rep. Pete Stark is backing Proposition 19, the November ballot initiative legalizing marijuana in California, according to a report in The Huffington Post.

The site says Stark along with Bay Area legislators Reps. Barbara Lee and George Miller will support the measure sure to be a lightning rod for national debate.

The article speculates whether the drive to legalize marijuana may also be used to stoke young Progressives to vote in droves and allow Democrats like Attorney General Jerry Brown and Sen. Barbara Boxer to ride the wave to victory similar to the Rovian gambit in 2004 used to encourage conservatives to the voting booth with various anti-gay measures.

A RAND study published Wednesday said marijuana prices would drop precipitously if the initiatives is passed along with a rise in consumption, which is not surprising based on the precepts of supply and demand. The study also took aim at the main focus of Prop. 19–the ability of the state and local municipalities to regulate marijuana sales through taxes. The study speculates some operators may undermine loopholes in the proposed law to avoid  taxation or, at the very least, lower their share. Also not surprising since a majority of Corporate America avoids paying their share of taxes anyway.


4 thoughts on “Stark Says Toke Up, California!

  1. O'Mordha, this will not generate any cash to offset debt. It will go towards making more dope smoking idiots even more mind numbed so that losers like Pete Stark and George Soros can control them and society. They can take this piece of crap proposal and “smoke it”. bahahhahaa


  2. Am I supposed to be shocked at a degenerate bastard like this piece of crap would support legalizing marijuana????


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