Judge Dismisses Nurses Suit Against Sutter

By Steven Tavares

An Alameda County Superior Court judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Sutter Health that attempted to halt the rebuild of Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley.

The suit filed by the California Nurses Association just over a year ago was put forth after the Alameda County Board of Supervisors approved the EIR in June 2009 allowing the $400 million rebuild of Eden to commence.

CNA claimed construction of the new hospital would be detrimental to the air and soil quality, add noise pollution and increase traffic around the site. The nurses also objected to the rebuild of Eden on the basis it would adversely affect the future of nearby San Leandro Hospital.

“We have always believed that this misguided attempt to stop a state-mandated rebuilding project was not based upon merit,” said Eden Medical Center CEO George Bischalaney on its web site.

The order denying the petition was signed by Judge Frank Roesch June 28, but only filed last week.

The likelihood of success for the nurses suit was always low and has almost no connection to the Eden Township Healthcare District’s countersuit against Sutter filed last March.

Undaunted, less than a month after CNA filed their lawsuit, Sutter broke ground on the 230,000-square-foot hospital and 80,000-square-foot medical office building. The hospital’s steel framework is already completed, according to Bischalaney and completion of the hospital is due in January 2013 despite heavy rains that bogged down construction late last year.

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4 replies

  1. What a waste of time. These Nurses should spend their time where it's needed; on nursing sick patients, not on stupid lawsuits.


  2. Here we go again, mr anonymous showing his ignorance, I dont know why you only depend on knowing or reading about half of what is going on, why are you worried about the nurses and their caring for sick patients, they are not veterinarian nurses you JACKASS, so you didnt miss out on anything. And as far as the lawsuit, again you only know half of what was going on, why dont you attend some of the local and regional board meetings so people wont think your such a stupid ASS. just so you
    dont lose any sleep, there were flaws and omissions in the original eir, and the CNA was just pointing them out the original eir was a rush job and needed to be looked at a little closer, you can thank the CNA for noticing that there were studies that needed to be made before starting the building.and Sutter was interested in closing San Leandro Hospital.and
    again the CNA was there to help save the community, so many people just dont understand what the whole story is and was.


  3. I see Sutter was really shaking in their boots on this one. The hospital is almost built.


  4. Papa John, Wake up! You can get the 32-page court opinion on the court's web site or on Eden Med Center's web site. If you read that 32-page opinion you will see that the judge examined each and every allegation made by the CNA in detail and rejected ALL of them as being without merit, hence the court's denial of CNA's petition.


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