Nine days after the fact, conservative bloggers and pundits are all over Rep. Pete Stark’s assertion the federal government can do whatever it wants. Of course, there was more to the exchange along with other questioners who pressed him on the statement. Stark later said the federal government can only push rules in line with the Constitution. Here’s a snippet from coverage in The Citizen July 25:

Stark may have made news in the coming days for some of America’s most popular conservative talking heads when Kemp’s cameras captured him saying “the federal government can do anything it wants.” The comments drove a few into a uncontrollable rage, but Stark did not flinch as three people pressed him on the comment. Stark eventually clarified his statement arguing citizens are protected by the Constitution. “If the government does something unconstitutional that would be under review,” but many in Hayward appear to view the federal government as more a monolith than friend these days.

Here’s a clip from Stark’s Hayward town hall July 24 where a woman equates health care reform with slavery: