Naida Lockyer’s War Chest is in Need of Replenishment

By Steven Tavares

Nadia Lockyer has spent over three-quarters of a million dollars during the first six months of this year in her quest to become an Alameda County supervisor, according to financial disclosure forms filed this week. It may not be enough, though.

Despite benefiting from $556,280.36 in donations from her husband Bill Lockyer’s campaign for attorney general–he will face Mimi Walters this November–Nadia Lockyer’s campaign revealed a cash balance of just $4,687.80. The figure does not include unpaid debts of $4,382.80. Since the beginning of the year, her campaign has spent $750,170.85.

Since her last filing at the end of May, Bill Lockyer’s campaign made two large donations totalling over $129,000. Most of the campaign’s expenditures have gone towards consulting fees, according to the report. Nearly $100,000 was paid to the Oakland political consulting firm led by Larry Tramutola.

While Lockyer’s campaign coffers may appear to be struggling to stay in the black, most observers believe large infusions of cash from Bill Lockyer’s campaign are on the way and likely already in her bank account. “The answers will be in the 460s we file in September,” said her consultant Katie Merrill.

Last June, Lockyer won 38 percent of a four-person race for the open seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors representing District 2. She did not gain a majority of the votes and will face former state senator Liz Figueroa in a runoff in November.

Figueroa, who eeked out a second place finish over Union City Mark Green with 24 percent of the vote, also reported a less-than-robust financial statement this week with a cash balance ending on June 30 of $8,067.55. The amount, though, is overshadowed by $37,306.71 in campaign debt, which includes a $10,000 loan Figueroa made to her campaign earlier this year.