Candidate for Congress Posts False List of Socialists

 Sen. Joseph McCarthy

BAKER POSTS ERRONEOUS LIST OF ‘AVOWED’ COMMIES; INCLUDES STARK “Congressman Stark is a Marxist,” Forest Baker wrote earlier this month. “The last of the 1960′s far left radicals.”

Baker is the Republican nominee facing Rep. Pete Stark this fall. Since defeating a June challenger who went by the name “Coach,” Baker’s strategy thus far has been to follow the impotent game plan of linking Democrats to socialism.

Today, Baker tweeted to his followers a blog posting from the conservative web site American Thinker revealing 70 members of Congress are “avowed” socialists. Stark, of course, is listed babooshka and all. The list has circulated around the web for over a year reputedly from the Socialist Party of America, but is somewhat akin to the drawing of the a beautiful princess once turned upside-down becomes a wrinkled old woman.

It also includes California comrades Rep. Barbara Lee and the embattled Rep. Maxine Waters. According to American Thinker, 70 of the 255 Democrats in Congress are on the list, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a notable omission. Wait, cue the voice of Joseph McCarthy: “You also wonder how many are still in the closet,” they wrote.

One problem, though, the Socialist Party of America does not exist, nor does the list of so-called commies, although it can be construed as a cobbled together list of progressive legislators. In fact, there is only one “avowed” socialist in American politics–Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders–where maple syrup and socialism has coexisted for nearly 20 years.

With a electorate Baker admits is less than one-fifth Republican, why is Baker reaching out to the far-right fringe of District 13? The posting is rife with inconsistencies and blatant lies. An update of the posting vaguely confronts the issue of theSocial Party of America not existing by mentioning it merely underwent a name change to the progressive party caucus along with adding puppetmaster George Soros is lurking in the background. In addition, the Democratic candidate vying to win President Obama’s former senate seat in Illinois, Alex Giannoulias vowed last week to create a progressive caucus in the senate if victorious not as a counterweight to conservatives, but as opposition to fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrats.

What is a Bay Area Republican to do with an opposition more fearful of its own members and without any support from the RNC? Apparently, there is nowhere else but the fringe. The Tea Party independent candidate for Stark’s seat, Chris Pareja, appears to have come up short in gaining the requisite number of signatures to qualify for the ballot, but he too veered hard to the right. A number of his comments have revealed a strict constructionist critique of the Constitution. Pareja reported an exchange with Stark in Alameda last week where he asked the congressman to send a letter on his behalf to the state secretary of state asking for an extension for his challenger. Stark told Pareja he was not in the business of helping his opponent beat him. Helping the disenfranchised minority is an a Progressive tenet, isn’t it? In this case, Stark isn’t a very good socialist.