Hayashi Accepted Campaign Fundraising from Fox News

By Steven Tavares

A subsidiary of News Corp gave
 Asm. Mary Hayashi $1,000.

Democratic Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi received campaign contributions from the U.S. subsidiary of News Corp, the parent company of the conservative cable news network Fox News, according to campaign finance records released by the secretary of state’s office.

Fox Group made the $1,000 donation to Hayashi’s assembly campaign last March. Fox also gave $20,000 to the state Republican Party and $5,000 to California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, but the conservative-leaning News Corp also gave generously to Democrats in the state. The Democratic Central Committee pulled down $25,000 in the past year along with $3,600 to Assembly Speaker John Perez, who is staunch supporter of Hayashi.

News Corp’s list of campaign fundraising donations became a national news story last week when it was disclosed the media empire led by Rupert Murdoch gave the Republican Party over $1 million.

The inclusion of the East Bay’s Hayashi on the radar of News Corp comes as a surprise to many in a region that is arguably the most liberal in America. When asked to explain Hayashi’s acceptance of fundraising dollars from the conservative media company, Chris Parman, an aide for her Hayward office said, “I don’t talk to blogs.”

ASK MARY HAYASHI WHY SHE ACCEPTED MONEY FROM FOX NEWS. Call her Hayward office at (510) 583-8818 and her office in Sacramento at (916) 319-2018.