Council Forum Quote Sheet

A compendium of notes and quotes from the candidates forum Sept. 8 for San Leandro city council:


  • Says businesses oppose Measure Z; in favor, but does not favor 7 year clause.
  • Would support raising taxes, attracting Silicon Valley companies, marijuana farm


  • Asked what does oath mean to you? Gregory says he carries around the Constitution, shows it to audience.
  • On Marina: “We have a plan.” then said “We need a comprehensive plan.”
  • On stores: “We have a lot of storefronts.” If walkability to downtown is built, “I think more businesses will come.”
  • Would also reduce traffic congestion downtown.
  • Says public safety makes up 60-62% of budget; those groups need to help city.


  • Referring to the school board: “We handle our money well.”
  • “We should spend what we’re bringing in and not continue using our reserves.”
  • Called for more youth programs.
  • On Marina: “It has to be developed.” “Residents have said they want restaurants and open green space there.”
  • “Bayfair has a reputation for not being safe.”
  • Called for transit spokes sprouting out from main E. 14th Street lines into neighborhoods.


  • “I come from a poor, working class family. I was the first to attend college in my family.”
  • “”If we have business thriving, we’re thriving overall.”
  • Supports sales tax measure. Says it “softens the blow.”
  • Says her father is retired, on social security and with a pension. “It’s not enough.”

Categories: Corina Lopez, David Anderson, election, Michael Gregory, S.L. City Council

3 replies

  1. All boring and banal quotes. Ho hum.


  2. Anderson: Pro Z and Prop 19.
    Gregory: Cut services, pro Marina.
    Edge: Gregory.

    Cutter: Pro Marina.
    Lopez: Pro Z.
    Edge Lopez. No one should vote for anyone who was responsible for the lousy scores of the students in San Leandro.



  3. Good capping on the Cutter-Lopez race Mel. I'd rather go with the unknown rather than the known failure. Lopez may just stumble onto something, while we know Cutter will remain lost in the woods.


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