A compendium of quotes from the Sept. 8 San Leandro mayoral forum:

  • Said he was “black sheep” from a family of salespeople. “They tell jokes. Have stories. I don’t have those qualities.” Later says, “I have analytical skills.”
  • Said to restore police force to full-strength. 
  • “Strong schools create strong cities.”
  • “Only candidate with a plan to solve the budget crisis without a 10 percent sales tax.”
  • Took jab at senior center contrasting it with 9th grade campus 
  • Said we should “look for businesses we think will thrive in the next 50 years.
  • “We must define our values.”
  • On Measure Z: “We need to raise taxes for now.”
  • “I will put my two-cents aside and side with the majority of citizens.”
  • On pensions: “They are unsustainable right now.”
  • Called for “Green Marina.”
  • Said youth can help keep E. 14th Street clean.
  • “I want to eliminate new taxes.” 
  • “I want to restore honest government for the people, by the people.
  • Review system of pensions to locate “obvious abuse.”
  • On Marina: “We are going to continue what we’ve been doing. We need to make that marina self-sustaining. We need to make it more productive.”
  • On pensions: “Your employees are working hard.”
  • “I’m here to protect your public safety.”
  • “People from foreign countries come up to me and say our streets are so clean.”
  • How she differentiates herself “through experience and energy.”
  • Would hire a full-time finance director
  • “Spend within our means.”
  • “The marina has always been a destination. We should build and sustain a good marina that will make us proud San Leandrans.” “We should not rush into it.”
  • “We need to focus on more business.”