California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer is one of the most candid big-time politicians around so it is not totally surprising he took a stick to the Democratic Party’s eye with his comments about their prospects this November.

Lockyer painted a bleak picture for Democrats today to San Francisco Chronicle business columnist Andrew S. Ross. He was a bit on the fence about Jerry Brown’s chances this fall, called attorney general race for the Republican and dampened enthusiasm for Sen. Barbara Boxer but saying a “wave of idiocy” could play a role in that race.

Lockyer, however, was far more bullish on his own re-election for treasurer against Southern California state Sen. Mimi Walters. He revealed he was $5 million in the bank just in case things get hairy. In addition, most believe his campaign will eventually deposit over $1 million into his wife, Nadia Lockyer’s race for Alameda County supervisor.

Maverick tendency are nothing new to Lockyer, but Wednesday’s statements might sound less like the Straight Talk Express himself, Sen. John McCain, and more like a liberal apostate to the ears of lefty voters statewide. A quick look at the past decade shows a tendency of tough love towards Democrats more than anything else. He has been a consistent supporter of Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and infamously lectured the state legislature to better focus their attention by telling them, “Just stop it!”

Yet for all the bluster, the biggest head scratcher may have been his belief Sacramento can do little to spur the state economy. “We pretend a lot, but realistically state government can’t do much to influence the economy or job creation–not when there’s a lack of consumer demand and businesses aren’t hiring,” he said.

And that is the most disheartening and brutally honest comment of them all.


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  1. And this is the thanks he gives Jerry Brown for supporting his wife…this is the thanks he gives the Democratic party…their favorite son and biggest black sheep in the family.

    The man that backed Arnold in 2003…and not a Democratic will step up and say “how dare he.”


  2. The local Dems won't say anything about their Sugar Daddy


  3. Most politicans are beyond party. They need to raise their own campaign funds and function almost like individual businesses in our candidate centered weak party or maybe disfunctinal party system.
    No one has come up with a good way to fix the system which makes our foreign policy mantras about spreading democracy globally seem a little hypocritical.
    Lockyer's warchest is his own warchest not the Democrats. This is true for all big name politicians. Most of their funds come from interest groups who “work” the voters and the party endorsement.More a marketing process than a democratic process.


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