Pareja Becomes Official Write-In Candidate for Congress

Chris Pareja’s late run for inclusion on the November ballot fell about 4,000 signatures shy last month, but his campaign announced Monday he has received official status by the Secretary of State’s office to oppose Rep. Pete Stark and the Republican nominee Forest Baker as a write-in candidate.

“Note to Pete and Forest: We are coming for you in November,” Pareja wrote followers today on his campaign Facebook page. “The people of the 13th have a choice that actually lives in the district, listens to them, treats them with respect and will represent their interests in Washington, D.C.”

Pareja’s grassroots campaign has drawn interest from local Tea Party group and he has aligned himself with detractors of Stark, who call the East Bay lawmaker rude and out-of-touch with voters in the 13th District.

In a video posted today, Pareja is shown challenging Stark to a debate to which the congressman replies, “not a chance” and asks, “why should I help you with your campaign?”

17 thoughts on “Pareja Becomes Official Write-In Candidate for Congress

  1. @Anonymous which of these buttons calls your parents to come pick you up. Did you get a lot of complaints on your shift at taco bell during the rally?


  2. I think Tavares just goes to the Tea Party Rally's to check out that chicks butt from Discovery Bay and I KNOW he's only going to Nadia's events to check at her butt.


  3. I can assure everybody that I am not “aligned” with any politician and certainly not with one with ties to the Tea Party.

    I cover Chris Pareja because the main objective of The Citizen is to give you all the information you need when it comes time to fill out your ballot. This is hyperlocal journalism focusing even finer on politics. You will never hear about Forest Baker or Chris Pareja otherwise. You hardly hear about Pete Stark!

    I'm glad somebody noticed me in the background of the video. A friend of mine made fun of my range of emotions. I was obviously covering the Stark town hall. It would be difficult to be a “card-carrying liberal” and a stooge for Chris Pareja at the same time, but as any journalism teacher will tell you, the best position for you to be is when both sides think you're friendly to each others opposition. Lockyer thinks I'm friendly to Figueroa, Figueroa thinks I'm nicer to Lockyer; Santos thinks I'm friendly to Cassidy, Cassidy thinks I favor Santos and so on…

    Until then, anybody know where there's a Tea Party rally I can get kicked out of?


  4. Um. You may want to ask Tavares that…but um…he was there as a reporter…which he did, he reported. So that makes him a fan of Chris? Ok. Again, ask Tavares about why he is writing about Chris. It's news. No one else covers news in the bay area like this.

    As for playing a role…put away the dank sir or ma'am…I honestly doubt he'll be voting for Chris.

    As for Pareja's lies…you need to ask him lady, or man (one of these days you'll take the hint)…because I have no clue how to answer them nor reach out to Chris…but if you use that giant noddle of yours, even money says, you'll get an answer. Also, site your source proving he's spreading lies. Sources, not hearsay.

    So step up and find out for yourself, Im to busy helping in the Board of Supervisors campaign.


  5. @ Nicholas E. Terry –

    By saying, “I was in the background of a flim…doesn't mean I was a lead role in it,” you just validated my point that Steve Tavares (and this blog) is aligned with Chris Pareja.


    I never said that Tavares is playing a “lead-role” I said that “Chris Pareja is aligned with Steve Tavares.” And by not denying it, you, my friend, just confirmed it! Wow.

    Why else would a left-wing, progressive blog such as this one ever give so much attention to a feeble, write-in, so-called conservative “candidate”? The only reasonable explanation is to support that “candidate” as a SPOILER to ensure the re-election of Pete Stark. Way to go Tea Party Patriots and Golden Gate Minutemen!

    No, no – Steve is definitely NOT playing a lead role in Pareja's campaign, but he is definitely playing a role.

    Now, will you now please address the lies that Pareja is spreading? (as outlined in an earlier comment)


  6. Can you imagine if Stark were a republican…you people would call him every name in the book and wish he were dead.

    No candidate against Stark has made you people so uptight. There's no doubt Fortney is wearing two layers of diapers these days.


  7. I apolagise, he's an official Write-in candidate. Thank you for overly clearing that up.

    As for Steve being in the video…how's that connect him with the Pareja campaign? I was once in the background of a film…doesn't mean I was a lead role in it.

    You sir or madam, are from the Stark campaign. You can not dispute it. No one will believe you. You've proven it. It's ok. Tell Old Man Stark to get a hobby and enjoy the east coast waters. His long time arrogance is useless during these difficult times.

    I thought Stark was an asshole…


  8. Pareja IS NOT ON THE BALLOT. He did not get enough signatures to be on the ballot. We can not “Vote” for him, because his name is not on the ballot! Hell, if you are going to try an validate him as, “on the ballot, now,” then I too am a write-in candidate! Write-In John Doe in Congressional District 13!! Pete Stark is not afraid of a non-relevant political anarchist.

    Everyone knows you all keep spreading the fiction that this amateur Tea Party stooge (or Democrat Party plant) is relevant.

    Obviously Nicholas E. Terry and Steve
    Tavares are in on the Pareja campaign (Tavares can be seen sitting behind Pareja in the video above for Christ's sake!) Your complicity with Pareja should be noted, and any conservative, Republican, Democrat, or independent who looks seriosuly should KNOW that Chris Pareja is aligned with Steve Tavares – a far left-liberal progressive.

    Chris Pareja is a selfish spoil-sport who is having his strings pulled by small (fringe) right-wing groups (Fremont Tea Party Patriots, Golden Gate Minutemen) or the large progressive rally (of which Tavares is a card-carrying member LOL) to ENSURE another two years of Pete Stark.

    What's more, Chris Pareja is spreading OUTRIGHT LIES. On his facebook page he said,

    “Thank you to all of you that showed up for Forest Baker's 'rally' on Saturday. If we hadn't shown up, he would have been there by himself, and that is no way to hold a rally. Luckily, he was able to call in for support from all his friends in San Jose. If it weren't for you … there would have been no attendees from the district.”

    Pareja is telling lies. I am from the district and I attended Forest Baker's Rally (no “quotes” necessary), as did people from Union City, Hayward, San Leandro, and Alameda. If Pareja and his six minions hadn't shown up there would have been seven less people. And Forest would have then only been surrounded by 20 of his own supporters.

    Pareja is insulting, contemptuous, and quite simply, playing dirty politics to (once again) ENSURE two more years of Pete Stark.

    I do not see how anyone could “vote” for er, “write-in” a liar and derelict like Pareja.

    Stark is definitely not afraid of Pareja … Pareja makes Stark look BETTER to the Democrats! You guys who write this blog obvioisuly have your heads in the sand as a part of the Progressive lobby.


  9. Pareja is on the ballot, now.

    Stark is affraid of Pareja, in my opinion…he admitted it by saying “why should I help you with your campaign?”


  10. What? Just because some senile Commie is the “incumbent” that gives him a free pass to avoid a debate with his opponents? Let me tell you something Smcgaels the rest of the country isn't a bunch of freeloading simpletons like around here and they're wise on this Red. That's why Fortney Stark is NEVER given any leadership roles in Congress and why the Ways and Means Chairmanship was NOT given to him. He's incompetent and the only ones who don't accept that FACT is the idiots who for for him. Birds of a feather flock together.


  11. Stark is right, why should he give credence to someone who isn't even on the ballot. He's the incumbent. He has no obligation to debate anyone.


  12. La Razza? “The Race!”

    More like The Racists! Why would any representative promote a body determined to elevate one race above all. We are a nation of man. Not one.

    La Razza is a scam. They are attending the Communist Party of the USA's event in DC this weekend. Sick.


  13. Many Latinos will admit LaRazza is a racist group. Your comment is proof that your ideas are losing the battle of what we all want and need.

    Good luck Chris.


  14. What a stupid first comment. Why is Pareja a turncoat you jackass? Because he's not wearing a Pendleton shirt in 110 degrees with black Ben Davis pants, a bandana covering his eyes and hydraulics on a '64 Impala? Because he's able to articulate English better than you?


  15. Why would Mexicans vote for a Tea Party turncoat who turns his back on La Raza? Change your name to Smith and bleach your skin.


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