Million Dollars, Baby!

By Steven Tavares

Treasurer Bill Lockyer and
Alameda County supervisor
 candidate Nadia Lockyer.

Nadia Lockyer is waging the most expensive campaign for county supervisor in Alameda County history. She is not using large numbers of local campaign donations, but someone else’s money–her husbands.

The filing of State Treasurer Bill Lockyer’s campaign finance reports this week merely made official what almost everyone has long expected–a cash infusion eventually topping $1 million from his campaign to hers. According to the reports, Lockyer transferred $450,000 in cash during the last filing period, pushing the total to $1.1 million for the year. A staffer for the a Alameda County supervisor told me last year, “Bill will do everything he can to help Nadia win that seat,” they said. “He will not let her lose,” emphasis on the NOT

The stream of campaign donations has been consistent through the year. Here is a list of cash expenditures from Lockyer’s campaign for treasurer to his wife’s run for supervisor:

Sept. 3    $325,000
April 12   $150,000
May 13     $150,000
June 15    $115,000
July 12    $100,000
June 7      $75,000
Dec. 18     $75,000
March 17    $40,000
TOTAL    $1,030,000

The haul for Nadia Lockyer is even larger if you include in-kind contributions such as web site design, staff and consultant fees and controversially, child care services for their 7-year-old. A month before the June primary, Lockyer’s opponents, former Hayward councilman Kevin Dowling and her November runoff challenger Liz Figueroa criticized the use of a nanny on disclosure reports. After Nadia Lockyer reported $2,262 in child care expenditures in May, Dowling questioned its legality and asked whether she would charge the county for babysitting if she eventually won the seat. Listing the service as a campaign expenditure is not illegal to a certain point, but the Sacramento Bee challenged the Lockyers last week for repeatedly using the loophole. The law allows babysitting fees up to $200 per event, which the campaign exceeded on numerous occasions, according to the Bee.

Nadia Lockyer has made her advocacy for women and children the main focus of her campaign since the beginning, but exactly who is taking care of little Diego, whose visage has been prominently featured in campaign mailers throughout the campaign? According to the Bee’s accounting, the Lockyers listed babysitting services for 23 of the 92 days within the third quarter filing period amounting to $4,643.

For the Lockyer’s part, at least, they didn’t use Meg Whitman’s nanny.