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>>LiveTweeting from Hayward: food night begins! City council discusses hand cart vendors in Hayward.

>>Quirk and Henson are voicing concern the ban on hand carts is a waste of time; Zermeño surpisingly in favor.

>>Francisco “Viva la Hayward” Zermeño is going against hand cart vendors. He’s never had a juicy mango con chile on A Street?

>>Henson is concerned Hayward’s public image might suffer from the sight of hand carts on its streets.

>>Mayor Sweeney: current rule makes it easier to enforce hand cart ban since they are all illegal. No consensus is found to move forward.

>>Somebody ate a big bowl of unhappy for dinner tonite. Hayward City Attorney Michael Lawson has yet to move a face muscle conveying happiness

>>Discussion of polystyrene container ban begins. Ever had Jamba Juice in a paper cap instead of styrofoam? Not good.

>>Hayward Public Works Director Bob Bauman=George Costanza.
>>Restaurant owners would not be allowed to use polystyrene in Hayward, but others can purchase the same containers in the city.
>>RT @HaywardPundit @eastbaycitizen Hey man, there’s a recession and bowls of unhappy are 2 for 1 at Smart & Final.
>>Seriously, City Attorney Lawson has a perpetual sneer on his face. He just glanced at me like he’s follwing me on Twitter.
>>@CSUEB, Chabot College and Hayward School District would not be subject to the proposed polystyrene ban.
>>St. Rose Hospital reportedly balked at proposed ban saying it would cost them up to $140k/yr.
>>Zermeño favors polystyrene ban because it’s “protecting Mother Earth and its fauna.” Also encourages school district to follow, if approved.
>>Quirk says he wants city blog for users to weigh-in on controversial subjects. He clearly has never read The Citizen’s infamous “Manuel.”
>>Ban could cost restaurants up to $250/mo. The Citizen may charge the same amount for advertising. Hayward is killing my business!
>>Doesn’t appear anyone on the council will take up restaurant owner’s concern over the costs of ban. Quirk, Henson, Zermeño, so far in favor.
>>WingStop franchisee says special paper boxes from TX corporate cost 3x more. Quirk: “We know in TX they don’t believe in the same things as CA.”
>>BREAKING: #Hayward unanimously approves municipal ban on polystyrene foodware at city restaurants.