Santos Misses Council Meeting After Bout of Fatigue

San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos was absent Monday night for a shortened meeting of the city council after undergoing tests at Kaiser Hospital earlier in the day for fatigue and dizziness. A full battery of test turned up negative. According to the Santos campaign, the mayor is resting comfortably and intends to be back to work Tuesday.

“Mayor Santos thanks everyone who has expressed their concern over his well-being,” the campaign said in a statement, “he intends to be performing his official duties tomorrow just as he was today.”

The rigors of the campaign season may have caught up with the 77-year-old mayor who spent the past weekend walking precincts in preparation of the November 2 election. After feeling lightheaded during the middle of the day he spent the rest of the afternoon at the hospital for precautionary testing.

UPDATE – Oct. 20: Santos says he did not suffer from fatigue Monday. His doctors diagnosed him with vertigo which he says caused his dizziness.