When I Find Myself In Times of Trouble, Mother Mary Comes to Me


Two years ago, Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi was criticized for transferring $30,000 from her own campaign to get her husband, Dennis Hayashi, elected Alameda County Superior Court judge. Of course, that’s a mere pittance this time around when the new price of political love between  hovers somewhere between $1-$2 million (See Bill and Nadia Lockyer).

With a week until the election, Hayashi steered $4,000 to the campaign of Councilwoman Joyce Starosciak today, according to late filings with the San Leandro city clerk. The source of the contribution comes from Southern California-based Economic Development Alliance. In the past the organization has mainly donated money to the various campaigns of Dennis Hayashi. In addition, Starosciak always reaped $1,000 from an Oakland contractor last Friday, according to the city clerk.

Hayashi is by far Starosciak’s most powerful ally and the contribution had been expected for months by observers in tandem with the lingering rumor the candidate has eyes on the assembly seat in 2012. The rumor, denied many times by Starosciak has always been bolstered by the belief she would have been the front runner to replace Santos in 2014, if she had skipped running this year.

Hayashi is up for re-election next week against Republican nominee and student Michael Havig.


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4 replies

  1. Madam Hayashi…just waiting for Pete to…leave.


  2. Hayashi gave Dennis over $200,000 for judge race- County needs to fix this problem with campaign finance reform- something that Nadia won't do and Liz will


  3. Maybe, but youd have to explain it to Nadia very slowly and then let Bill do the work.

    Im not being mean, just telling you based on what I've seen and heard.


  4. And all you liberals that are supporting MOMMY Joyce…guess what? The Fund that Mary Hayashi used to steer 4k towards Ms Starosciak gets their majority of donations from Anthem Blue Cross…the leading rate raiser in america. Nice. If I had dignity I would send the check back! See for yourself on the state secratary website.


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