Figueroa Investigation Forwarded to AG’s Office

Four days before election day, the San Mateo District Attorney’s office has forwarded its findings into whether Liz Figueroa lied about her primary residence on voter registration forms to state Attorney General Jerry Brown, according to the East Bay Express.

There is no timetable for a determination on the allegation Figueroa ever lived at the dilapidated, tarp-covered home on Kilkare Road in Sunol, despite listing the address on her registration forms for her run for Alameda County supervisor. She denies living in San Mateo County during the past three years and instead rents a home in Sunol. An anonymous resident of San Leandro is believed to have made the complaint against Figueroa.

The investigation was transferred from Alameda County to San Mateo to ease concerns of a conflict-of-interest. Nadia Lockyer is endorsed by Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley in addition to being employed by the office. Consequently, Attorney General Jerry Brown has also endorsed Lockyer and is featured prominently in several mailers and on her website. No specific charges were described against Figueroa by the San Mateo D.A.’s office.


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11 replies

  1. Someone has some friends in some high places…


  2. Or there's no merit to the charges


  3. Say what you may but you do not live in the
    District I do. And we need a new young vibrant spark-plug, smart, caring and hard working. Our current Supervisor was burnt out years ago. We do not need someone that's just out for a job, because her current job is just about over. We need the energy, commitment, and passion, Nadia Lockyer will bring. Not a career politician that lives in Half Moon Bay, and doesn't bother to pay her tax bill. If you lived here you would want
    the best for the District which by far is
    Nadia. Vote Nov 2nd for our future. Thank-you


  4. If you to Sunol and ask residents there if Liz has lived there for many years then you would know she has. It's as simple as that.

    In your description of Nadia, you gotta add “always has a campaign staffer at her side to hand-hold through difficult situations.”


  5. I can bet you that Liz Figueroa will be prosecuted. She will be a convicted FELON. Guaranteed!


  6. If you're so convinced then put your name and we can make a bet 😉


  7. Anonymous…I'll bet you a steak dinner Liz will not be convicted of anything.


  8. Liz will be convicted of voter registration fraud, but she has enough juice and political chops to have the case lowered from a felony…the last two people in this county who had similar charges laid against them both got FELONY convictions. Those poor saps did'nt have the pull Liz does. Liz won't see a day in jail. That's a shame, because the law should be applied equally. In Alameda County, Lady Justice is not blind, she's always got one eye open and it's looking out for the rich, the powerful and the well connected…like Liz.


  9. Voter registration fraud?

    Once again, you people just say something without providing us the incite on HOW she committed fraud, I mean, really site proof that she's in violation and what law she violated. Prove she lives in San Mateo County, prove she committed fraud. Prove that the home she resides in isn't the one in Sunol that so many have visited this year. You're getting pathetic and you can't attack her record so you make up garbage like this.



  10. The home that “so many have visited”….are YOU included in that group, Mr. Terry??

    I think so, based on your unwavering, highly biased support of Liz.

    How well does the blogging game pay, Mr Terry? Would you do better financially if Liz won? What has she promised you in return for your shilling on this web site?


  11. What will the Nadia tools do after today? Where will they use their negativity?


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