Electoral Cliffhangers Abound

San Leandro voters woke Wednesday morning to find the city in the midst of one of the most exciting races in its history. With first place votes tallied, Stephen Cassidy leads Mayor Tony Santos by 66 votes. A winner will not be announced until Friday, but while the three days will test the sanity of the two candidates and their supporters, others races locally and nationally are also too close to call.

Rep. Jerry McNerney (CA-11)

Nearby Rep. Jerry McNerney (CA-11) leads Republican David Harmer by just 121 votes. McNerney’s far-flung district includes parts of eastern Alameda County and San Joaquin County. He had been targeted by Republicans as a vulnerable incumbent Democrat. Regardless of the outcome of this race, Republicans easily gained control of the House Tuesday night.

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris is also involved in a nail bitter for control of the state attorney general’s office. Steve Cooley appeared to have snagged the only statewide office for Republicans late Tuesday night, but Harris also had a late surge of votes Wednesday morning, passing Cooley and gaining a lead of less than 15,000 votes.

A similar situation occurred in the Colorado Senate race where Tea Party candidate Ken Buck seemed heading to victory. Like Harris in California, Sen. Michael Bennet has pulled ahead by 15,400. The Associated Press declared Bennet the winner Wednesday afternoon.

The biggest election cliffhanger, though, comes in Alaska, where Republican Lisa Murkowski is expected to become the first person since 1954 to be elected to the U.S. Senate as a write-in candidate. South Carolina’s Strom Thurmond was the last to accomplish the feat.

By contrast, a single write-in vote was cast  for mayor Tuesday in San Leandro. There was only one official write-in candidate on the ballot–Republican Lou Filipovich. You can do the math.


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  1. That's odd that Lou only got one write in vote.

    Only an idiot would have voted for Kamala Harris for Attorney General. She's so frickin inept and incompetent, she ought to be with Obama.
    A. Rose.


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