LiveTweeting from Election Night 2010


>>Just took an Ambien, folks. Disregard any tweets or posts saying Abraham Lincoln just beat Brett Favre for AC Transit Board. Didn’t happen!  1 hour ago

>>Marie Gilmore becomes new mayor of #Alameda; Rob Bonta, Bev Johnson win council seats; Lena Tam loses hers. 1 hour ago

>>RCV in San Leandro mayor’s race ends first round in a virtual tie. Stephen Cassidy leads incumbent Tony Santos by 66 votes. 1 hour ago

>>BREAKING: Alameda County elects the nation’s first transgender judge. Victoria Kolakowski defeats John Creighton. 1 hour ago

>>AP calls Lt. Gov race for Gavin Newson. 1 hour ago

>>Alameda County Assemblymembers Nancy Skinner, Joan Buchanan, Sandre Swanson, Bob Wieckowski all cruise to re-election. 1 hour ago

>>Downtrodden #Hayward School Board to get two new members. Lisa Brunner and William McGee lead; Jesus Armas also headed to victory. 1 hour ago

>>East Bay state Sen. Ellen Corbett and Asm. Mary Hayashi win re-election to the Legislature. 1 hour ago

>>RT @willharperSF Fun fact: Richmond will now have council members with the names Booze and Butt. 2 hours ago

>>San Leandro is willing to tax itself: Both Measure M & Z heading to easy victory. 2 hours ago

>>Transgender Alameda County judicial candidate Victoria Kolakowski holding slim lead over John Creighton, 50-48%. 2 hours ago

>>The precipitous political fall of Mayor Bev Johnson in Alameda may be on hold; she barely holds city council spot. 2 hours ago

>>There’s a good old fashioned RCV race in San Leandro. Stephen Cassidy leads Tony Santos by 231 votes; Starosciak languishes in 3rd. 2 hours ago

>>Rep. Pete Stark’s streak of holding his opponent to under 30% to be extended. He leads Forest Baker, 70-28. 2 hours ago

>>Same in San Leandro RT @matthai For all the folks who wanted RCV, this election will bear out whether ranked votes will change order. 3 hours ago

>>BREAKING: Nadia Lockyer becomes Alameda County Supervisor-Elect. 3 hours ago

>>Looks like one candidate is about to get Buffaloed in Colorado. Votes for Dem may been given to Republican. 4 hours ago

>>Write-in candidate in #AKsen is leading right now with 27k votes. Lisa Murkowski? Lou Filipovich? 4 hours ago

>>There is one write-in vote tabulated thus far in #SanLeandro. Lou Filipovich? 4 hours ago

>>RT @justinberton: Let’s predict #Prop19 headlines: Goes Up in Smoke (obv). Down in Flames (of course) Tim Still Can’t Smoke. 4 hours ago

>>Waiting for the fat lady. RT @CarlyforCA To be clear there are no election results yet in CA. Anything else reported is false. 6 hours ago

>>RT @KQED_CapNotes Fox decides 2 go solely on exit polls & call the #cagov & #casen races for Brown & Boxer. No one else is biting, though. 6 hours ago

>>RT @louisfr If CA polls hold up, CA will be one of few states, perhaps the only one, to resist Republican red tide. 6 hours ago

>>RT @chrisfilippi Spending election night in Sacramento. First returns likely to be released by Secretary of State around 8:15. 6 hours ago

>>RT @CapitolAlert Exit polls: Brown winning big among Latinos, women 6 hours ago

>>RT @HuffPostPol Russ Feingold loses Wisconsin Senate race to Ron Johnson #WIsen 6 hours ago

>>RT @BreakingNews Susana Martinez, a winner in N.M., is nation’s first female Hispanic governor 6 hours ago

>>Do my cousins have a special victory doobie ready for tonight? Either way it’s going up in smoke. #prop19. 8 hours ago

>>RT @CapitolAlert: In Oakland, stage set for Brown’s election night party 8 hours ago

>>RT @HuffPostPol NBC News Projects GOP Will Overtake House Of Representatives 8 hours ago

>>RT @NicholasTerry About 6 Prop 19 supporters in my polling place; looks like they just woke up. Wake n bake n vote! 8 hours ago

>>RT @JessicaRothhaar 3 TV trucks parked outside of Oaksterdam U, just waiting for polls to close. 9 hours ago

>>MARTES! MARTES! RT @JWilliamsAP: Some in L.A. get Spanish-language robocalls telling them to vote–Wednesday. 9 hours ago

>>Tea Partier Marco Rubio wins in FLA; Christine O’Donnell loses in DE. Harry Potter comes out Nov. 19, Christine. 9 hours ago

>>Alameda County supervisor proposes campaign finance limits after Nadia Lockyer’s $2 million run for the seat. 9 hours ago

>>BREAKING: Supervisor Scott Haggerty proposes ordinance limiting campaign contributions to $20k per election. Clearly aimed at Nadia Lockyer 11 hours ago

>>Or Tom Petty songs? RT @SanLorenzoPatch Do you think they’ll stop censoring ‘indo’ from Snoop songs on the radio if prop 19 passes? 11 hours ago

>>Busted again? San Leandro gets reports this morning of Stephen Cassidy’s supporters campaigning too close to the polls. 13 hours ago

>>I voted. 13 hours ago