A week ago, the Alameda County Registrar told voters the results of the first-ever Ranked Choice election would come by the end of the week. Then, it was next Tuesday, then Monday. The electoral roller-coaster in Oakland, Berkeley and San Leandro is now slated to disembark Tuesday sometime this week.

A statement released this afternoon says the registrar’s office had come to an agreement with the City of Oakland to postpone another running of the ranked choice voting algorithm accounting for additional provisional and vote-by-mail ballots counted this weekend. “We still have a relatively small number of provisional ballots that are taking a little long to process than expected,” said Macdonald.

An update of first-place votes, at the very least, was expected late Monday, but release of those numbers were also postponed. The delay is most likely stemming from Friday’s stunning turn of events in the Oakland mayor’s race where Councilwoman Jean Quan leaped from a distant runner-up to first-place over Don Perata. In addition, voters in San Leandro are awaiting the victor of their own tough-fought mayoral race. Stephen Cassidy leads through Friday’s unofficial running of ranked choice voting by a slim margin. A source told The Citizen this weekend, the registrar has said roughly 1,500 of the uncounted ballots come from San Leandro. The preliminary RCV results show Cassidy leading by a cumulative 281 votes over incumbent Tony Santos.


UPDATE: There is no timetable from the Alameda County Registrar of Voters for results in Oakland, Berkeley and San Leandro.