Santos Reflects On His Public Service

As I say farewell to city government, I want to say I am proud of my service to our great city. San Leandro has always been known to have stable government and I am sure that will always be so. There isn’t any question the city has had many successes over its history of 138 years. One of the first to have a sewer system, one which allowed the community to grow in the early part of the twentieth century.

I want to say goodbye to Councilmember Bill Stephens. He can be proud of his achievements, especially his work with the General Plan Advisory  Committee. His shepherded a plan which will remain with us for many years into the future. Also his dying efforts to make certain our city budget was always balanced. He can truly say all of the budgets he worked on were balanced. It was difficult but the budget has always been balanced and while we leave in a down economy, Measure Zs passage should allow for a more sustainable financial future.

I say to our employees to hang in there and don’t give up what you have earned and deserve.

My individual achievements will always remain with me. Helping to stop the “Southern Crossing” and Route 61. I told the people of Marina Faire and Mulford that as long as I can, Route 61 will never become a reality and it hasn’t nor will it ever. Forming NAACSL was a fantastic achievement. I along with Mason Rashid, Francois Gallo, Jim Athey, Lois and Norman Brown, Kent Myers and Bill Stephens helped to put this very successful program together. It has led to quieter skies and the school district was able to receive over $5 million to sound insulate several of our schools. I also was instrumental in having passed a neighborhood preservation ordinance, a noise ordinance and preserved over 400 acres of open space along our shoreline opening the way towards developing an environmentally sound Shoreline/Marina policy. I also enjoyed the “Coffee with the Mayor” program. This allowed many to come and air their ideas and problems to City Hall.

I cannot say enough about our employees. They have sacrificed much over these past several years. They have had their pay cut and we have lost 20 percent of the best employees in the county. We were involved with discussing pension reform before it was en vogue. I say to our employees to hang in there and don’t give up what you have earned and deserve.

We leave with a transit-oriented development strategy in place. One that when fully implemented will reduce greenhouse gases and which will get people to use transit. Our membership in the Green Corridor will lead to green jobs and get our people back to work. San Leandro has created jobs over the past several years, over 3,000 construction jobs now going on at Kaiser and when it open in 2013, there will be over 2,000 permanent jobs and many of those workers will be living here in town.

I am happy with the work I did lobbying for those police positions–five in all–coming on board. Thanks to our public safety officers, without them we would not have the livable community we have.

I do see a problem with our school system and it needs to be improved. Our at-risk kids need help and at the moment they are not getting the assistance they need. Further, our school test results have not been good and need to be improved. Our kids need the best education possible in order to compete in the global economy.

I am most pleased that we will be dedicating the new Senior Center on Dec. 16. When finally opened, seniors will have a place they can call their own. In closing, I leave knowing I am leaving behind the best government in the county and I say to all, as stated in my first State of the City address: “Know your city and be proud to live, work and play in the best city in the country.”

12 thoughts on “Santos Reflects On His Public Service

  1. Does anyone know the pension that Tony Santos is going to receive from the taxpayers for his years on the City Council?


  2. Well then, you must be one of Santos' 34% of voters who are waiting for their bacalhao and linguisa.


  3. Here's 8 of Cassidy's 35% of voters to account for. The others are hiding in their basement waiting with tin foil hats for the end of the world.


  4. thxs mayer santos and for helpin “the dro” be mor lik oaktown. i feel lik it be more home lik here now dat we can hang, ya no what I mean? thxs!


  5. Listen carefully Tony, that's the sound of San Leandro's biggest turd being flushed down by the voters. Don't step in the Santos.


  6. Ha, Ha, Transit oriented development downtown, what a joke that is, most of us have to leave town to do almost anything…work, enjoy an evening out, go to a decent mall or nice shopping district or even just to enjoy a decent grocery store. More mileage is wasted for extra trips due to our pathetic choices here and our worthless mall and downtown, than will ever be saved by this so called T.O.D. downtown, Santos comments are hilarious to say the least.


  7. Santos is a worst place because of this meddlesome old fool. It is interesting that he mentions San Leandro's first sewers, since he and Dave Karp and Jack Maltester and responsible for turning San Leandro into a 21st Century Sewer. Only a few more days and he'll be gone! Yippee


  8. Santos is a fool. You can't blame him totally though, he was probably running around some pineapple or sugarcane field in Hawaii barefoot as a boy, he Dad probably made him clean the pig pen, the stables, feed the chickens etc. and that left a lasting scar on his mental character.


  9. good ridance to a spineless asshole who never truly cared about any issue unless it had voter apeal. thank GOD the citezens of san leandro kicked you out so you can't keep ruining the city I have lived my entire life in!!!


  10. What an ass–he never cared about schools as mayor, or now cares as a final dig on Cassidy. Good riddance!


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