New Assemblyman Offers Legislation on Day One

Fremont Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski was sworn-in last Monday and quickly got to work. On the same day he replaced termed-out Alberto Torrico in Sacramento, Wieckowski already had his first piece of legislation in the pipeline. AB 14 hopes to coordinate redevelopment of the area surrounding the former NUMMI plant and the forthcoming Warm Springs BART station.

Asm. Bob Wieckowski

Wieckowski was honored by the Fremont City Council Tuesday night along with some requisite needling from Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty. Wieckowski beat Republican Adnad Shahab last month and showed electoral sour grapes are not limited to San Leandro. Shahab wrote on his campaign website last month, “I will not congratulate Bob Wieckowski. The way my opponent conducted himself during his entire bid for the Assembly District 20 seat was not honorable,” wrote Shahab, who also vowed to keep a close on eye on Wieckowski in Sacramento. Fremont now has an open council seat to fill with up to seven potential applicants for the job, including the runner-up from the November election.

Wieckowski’s elevation to the assembly raises the question of who, at the local level, is next to make the leap to Sacramento? The bench appears bare. Hayward Councilman Bill Quirk is a likely candidate even though he is taking a wait-see approach to how the district’s potential new borders will look like. That’s about it, but don’t take your eye off of San Leandro Councilman Jim Prola or even the Mayor-elect Stephen Cassidy. Prola is, by far, the hardest working member of the council and Cassidy looked into a run for assembly a few years ago before Democrats urged him to rise through the local ranks.

Editor’s Note: Since Bob Wieckowski is a new member of the assembly and AB 14 is his first piece of legislation, The Citizen will offer a civics lesson and closely follow its path to hopeful passage into law.

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  1. Prola? What a joke. All that toothless, Festus wannabe will do in SacTown is pad his and his buddies CALPERS nest egg.


  2. Shahab should just focus on his open carry garbage … one trick pony


  3. ABQ- Anybody but Quirk


  4. Afraid to put a name with your criticisms? Then don't bother sharing them.


  5. Whats wrong with anonymous Mia, you don't seem to have a problem with your buddy Mike Katz doing it on his facebook San Leandro Rumours page, or is it ok when somebody hides when trashing someone you happen to oppose?
    And I will post…..anonymously


  6. Snarky snarky snarky. Where is Nicky? Mike Katz's other bugger buddy


  7. Katz and that Facebook crap. What a low-life loser. But then again look at him; fat, hairy, greasy and smells of ass.


  8. The reason Katz smells is because fat people get yeast infections in their rolls of flab. Quite smelly!


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