The Darkside of Politics Rears Its Ugly Head

The ire of Tea Party activists were stoked by two summer town hall meetings “Who are you going to kill today?” asked Stark of a questioner and told a woman the government can do whatever it wants.


Tony Santos says medical marijuana grow facilities are courting San Leandro. Some estimates say the city could benefit with up to $5 million in yearly tax revenue. A 10-month moratorium against the centers is placed in November.

In a rousing address, Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney calls for the struggling city to raise its own expectation. He blames everyone, including himself.

Another angry throng of mostly conservative voters fill Hayward City Hall to shout insults and threats at Stark. Once again, the whole thing is on YouTube.

Budget cuts to school crossing guards received an outpouring of opposition in 2009, yet the city again fails to include it in the next fiscal budget. Money will eventually be found by the first day of school.

The president of the Heron Bay Homeowners Association in San Leandro accuses Joyce Starosciak, who is also running for mayor, of interfering with their elections. He later says he made her cry.

The 50-year-old San Leandro Police Chief Ian Willis announces he will retire once a successor is found, sometime in the next few months.

An internal poll taken by the Santos campaign shows the incumbent mayor well ahead of Starosciak and challenger Stephen Cassidy.

Financial records show Hayashi received $1,000 in campaign donations from the enemy of liberal thought–Fox News.

A large crowd watches the first of two mayoral forums in San Leandro.

San Leandro City Council approves splitting the cost of school crossing guards with the school district for a second consecutive year.

Figueroa calls out Nadia Lockyer for attending an Oakland fundraiser organized by an alleged child and spouse abuser. Lockyer later says, at the last minute, she did not attend.

Stark continues a series of salvos against the health insurance industry. “Insurance companies can’t be trusted,” he says. The assault will continue through the end of the year.

Retiring finance director says San Leandro’s budget situation is not getting better, but notes “we may have hit bottom.”

Starosciak accuses Santos of violating the Brown Act in a letter to her supporters. This allegation is not true and she later denies ever making the claim.

Racist graffiti is found in Heron Bay making disparaging remarks about Asians and Mayor Santos. Police look at hateful letters to the editor printed in the San Leandro Times as a possible suspect.

San Leandro receives a much-needed $2.4 million grant from the Department of Justice to fund five new police officer positions.

During the second mayoral candidates forum, Starosciak calls Stephen Cassidy’s stances against public employees “disrespectful.” She tells audience he has a bad track record in employee relations.

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4 replies

  1. I LOVE THIS TITLE: Dark Side of Politics Rears it's Ugly head. And then there's a head shot of Stark. bahahhaahhahahahaha I just busted my gut laughing.


  2. Well said. Wondering when you are going to bring the whole Heron Bay Conspiracy to full circle, seeing all of the support that Heron Bay has given our new Leader-Mayor and the discrediting of Joyce and Tony? Could be called Machiavellian or machiato or something to do with a coffee shop. Paul


  3. This blogger is a moron and a dufus! I try not to name call but Tavares simply is both of those things.


  4. Ah, a Tea Partier. How many bloggers have you insulted today?


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