Cassidy Upsets Santos Amid Status Quo in East Bay

Stephen Cassidy became the first person to unseat an incumbent mayor in San Leandro history.


Nadia Lockyer easily crosses the $1 million mark in campaign fundraising. Nearly all of it comes from her husband. More is to come.

Retiring Alameda County Supervisor Gail Steele surprises everyone and makes an endorsement for her seat. It’s not Lockyer, but Figueroa she says, citing the obscene influx of campaign cash for the election.

Hayward bans Styrofoam containers from its local restaurants. San Leandro will likely follow suit in the coming year.

Santos misses a council meeting after going to the hospital. He is diagnosed with vertigo.

Santos supporters claim Cassidy broke election laws by campaigning at a school event. A complaint is sent to the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Ron Carey is appointed by the San Leandro school board to replace Trustee Lisa Hague.

The most repellent campaign mailer of the election season arrives in the mailboxes of District 2 residents. The mailer sent by the Lockyer campaign features a logo for Mercedes with the words, “Our advice to Liz Figueroa…Sell the Mercedes. Pay your taxes.”

A little late? On election day and with Nadia Lockyer close to raising $2 million, Supervisor Scott Haggerty pushes forward a county ordinance limiting campaign finance to $20,000.

Nadia Lockyer easily wins the District 2 supervisor seat with two-thirds of the vote; Victoria Kolakowski becomes the nation’s first transgender judge and Corbett, Hayashi and Stark win re-election in landslide victories.

By the end of election night, Stephen Cassidy leads Santos by just 66 votes. Once the final RCV algorithm is processed, Santos ends up winning the most first-place votes, but loses the election to Cassidy. Starosciak finishes third.

Santos vows to never concede the election to Cassidy and says he will stop ranked-choice voting from getting a foothold anywhere in the country. The world moves on. Don Perata, in the same boat as Santos, concedes to Jean Quan in Oakland.

An Alameda County Superior Court judge rules for Sutter Health in the Eden Township’s pivotal March countersuit alleging conflict-of-interest.

Chair Rogers says, “Damn the torpedoes!” and the Eden Township Board of Directors approves seeking an appeal of the Superior Court decision in favor of Sutter.

San Leandro approves a 10-month moratorium on medical marijuana grow facilities and dispensaries. The vote, though, appears to show elements of support in the future for the pot trade coming to the city.

Sandra Spagnoli is named the first female police chief in San Leandro history. She replaces retiring Chief Ian Willis. The naming of a female leader hopefully ends the department’s recent turmoil with sexual harassment claims within its ranks.

New finance director says an additional $850,000 is needed to fund larger-than-expected funding for CalPERS.

Eden Township files appeal and offers revelations portraying the Eden CEO of gaming the negotiating process in 2008 in favor of Sutter.

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5 replies

  1. Steve, this was a nice journalistic summary of the year. Well done. You left off Chris Pareja, Forest Baker, John Palau, Lou Filipovich, the Oscar Grant civil unrest and the found five milliion but left in Nick Terry and Victoria Kolakowski. Not sure why, but I am sure you will wrap it all up in your Year End TnT podcast spectacular.


  2. Steve and Nick, you are letting Mike Katz scoop you on the upcoming 1 year contracts for the SL City Employees Asociation and the SL Management Association as well as the two year SL Police Officers Association. What gives?

    These may well come up as the last votes for Boss Tony. Is he planning to stick Mahyor Cassidy with a 2 year debt that he cannot negotiate? Would Tony really want to tie Cassidy's hands and hang the issue of debt and poor relations with the unions on his neck.

    What gives? Talk to us.

    Right now the three agreements being considered reduce the furlough days, basically giving the unions a 2+% increase from this year's contracts.

    There is no real change in the propose from the past contracts, wh ich includes the City paying 100% for both the employee and employer contributions for employee pensions.

    This is a great deal for everyone except taxpayers and our children. Measure Z revenue will not start until April 2011.

    Or is Tony announcing that he found the 5 million to offset almost all expenses and so why keep something in case it goes South. If Tony pulls this off he will get the last laugh on Smiling Steve Cassidy.

    Or is this the highlight of your last podcast? Mel


  3. Great job Tony Santos! Way to chase away another industrial employer in San Leandro: And yes, please, try to screw the budget just one more time by giving city employees a pay raise before you leave. Thanks!


  4. Frank, Should you be using your employer's web site to post on blogs. Someone should inform your employer.


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