Stark Reminds GOP Leader Elvis Is Really Dead

…Or, is he? Ask Eric Cantor

OFFICE SAYS CANTOR IS ARGUING BASIC MATH Republicans took over control of the House of Representatives today, but instead of moping about the capitol, Rep. Pete Stark’s office took a playful jab at comments made by Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) questioning the nonpartisanship of the Congressional Budget Office. Cantor told The New York Times he doubted its estimate that health care reform will save $1 trillion from the deficit.

Stark’s office used the insinuation to take a shot at the new Republican majority leader. “While many Republicans have argued with basic science in the climate change debate,” they wrote, “Eric Cantor has become the first Republican to argue with basic arithmetic.”

To illustrate their point, the press release pointed out other “common misconceptions” for the congressman’s edification. Included were links that refute the myth toilets in the Southern hemisphere swirl in a different direction, illustrating Elvis Presley is, in fact, dead (death certificate of The King included), Shania Twain is not related to Mark Twain and french fries originated in Belgium, not France.

Critics may fault Stark’s office for such shenanigans, but the start of the 112th Congress begins today. It is snowing in Washington. What else is there to do?

UPDATE: Cantor’s comments may have been in anticipation of a report Thursday from the CBO estimating the cost of the Republican health care plan would add $230 billion to the deficit over the next decade.