Hayashi Packs Assembly District Delgates Election

Asm. Mary Hayashi aims  fix
the state’s problems.

Twelve slots for available for local Democrats hoping to represent the 18th assembly district at the state’s convention later this year. Forty-two aspiring delegates competed for 12 spots last Saturday in Hayward. The 12 winners, though, all share allegiances to a single local politician.

All 12 elected ran on a slate blessed upon by Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi. San Leandro Councilwoman Pauline Cutter, former AC Transit Director Rocky Fernandez and Dublin Councilman Matt Sullivan were among the notables among Hayashi’s slate becoming state delegates. The convention is scheduled for April 29 in Sacramento.

Inclusion to the state convention is based upon assembly districts, but does not preclude the area’s other state legislator making input in its composition. State Sen. Ellen Corbett, though, does not typically believe in stacking the deck with delegates from a preferred list of candidates, but Hayashi does.

Members of the delegation bring input from their districts to help shape the party platform, but contain very little political power. In addition, delegates also gain perks including hobnobbing with the state’s cognoscenti and a slew parties and events. They also get the pleasure to rock out to “Start Me Up” with a 69-year-old man.

The full list of delegates from AD 18: Hermy Almonte, Pauline Cutter, Rocky Fernandez, Keith Gibbs, Doug Jones, Jim Kohnen, Pat Kohnen, Julie Lind, Jennifer Ong, Pheleta Santos, Matt Sullivan, Helena Straughter.

The full list of delegates from AD 20: Aref Aziz, Yogi Chugh, Mary Kate Crawford, Dharminder Dewan, Raj Salwan Dvm, Fremont Councilman Bill Harrison, Alex Hilke, Jan Hill, Debbie Pearson, Molina Shaiq, Deepa Sharma, Toni Shellen.


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