Sarah Palin and rightwing pundits like Glenn Beck have faced renewed scrutiny after the shootings in Arizona.

By Nicholas E. Terry

Soon after the unfortunate attacks in Tucson this weekend, the founder of The Daily Kos posted on twitter, “mission accomplished, Sarah Palin.”

While this is not a surprise to anyone with a sense of right and wrong, let alone common sense, it is completely fact less and typical politics of the left. Attached was a link to an image of her campaign graphic that depicted the targets of individual campaign races targeted by her PAC.

How can you connect this crazy kid who was kicked out of college with no ties to any political party or allegiance to Tea Parties, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck or talk radio?

I would say you’re just as crazy if you do.

Point being, before anyone knew anything about what really was going on, many in the media jumped to conclusions. It’s a trend we should be use to.  Every time something catastrophic like this happens the media quickly, and without facts, says that the gunman (or the bad guy) was a right-wing radical Christian conservative Tea Party member that worships Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. In 2009, when Maj. Nidal Hasan committed jihad on Fort Hood, President Obama urged Americans not to jump to conclusions.

Question: Who was Sarah Palin in 2007? Who was Glenn Beck? What was a Tea Party?
Answers: Governor of Alaska. A slave for CNN. Something that happened in Boston many, many years ago.

If the shooter in Tucson was a 22-year-old Muslim boy, could we blame Muslim talk radio? No. We’ve been told many times before that you can’t jump to conclusions.

Why does the media always forget the main responsibility; report the facts. It’s okay to sit and say that they don’t have all the facts but they’re working on it.

There is no evidence linking this gunman to Palin, or Beck, or Tea Parties or the Republican party. He first began his infatuation with Rep. Gabrielle Gifford in 2007. He met her, asked her a loony question, and she didn’t have an answer that pleased him. Later, she sent him a typical boilerplate letter thanking him for attending an event. He began to dislike the congresswoman.

Question: Who was Sarah Palin in 2007? Who was Glenn Beck? What was a Tea Party?

Answers: Governor of Alaska and not on the national political radar. A slave for CNN. Something that happened in Boston many, many years ago.

And while we’re at it…

Question: Who killed JFK? RFK?
Answer: As far as we know, Oswald was committed to Marxism and Communism. Sirhan Sirhan was an anti-Zionist Palestinian radical.

Neither of these two were right-wing radicals.

Media, and a majority of the country, forgets about radical leftists that take to the streets in violent protest. It ignores politicians that bully and disrespect constituents. It accepts semi-violent/violent rhetoric, attitudes and actions. Unless they are right-wing.

A partial list of history: the Weather Underground bombings of government buildings (Bill Ayers, a close associate of the president), Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam, radicals who seized control of Cornell University in 1969, The Students for a Democratic Society, leftists who rioted the 1968 DNC party in Chicago, the SLA and Patty Hurst robbing banks (the SLA inspired Sarah Jane Moore to assassinate President Ford), the shooting of FBI agents at Wounded Knee by the American Indian Movement in 1975, the murder of Rep. Leo Ryan and the mass suicide at Jonestown (a leftist/Marxist cult).

More recently we have communist and anarchist riots at the WTO in Seattle, violent anti-Bush and anti-war protests…in 2007 leftist’s playwrights created a play about killing President Bush. Pop idiot Madonna, regarding Palin, saying publicly she will “kick her ass.” Failed “comedian” Sandra Bernhard saying she wants Palin to be “gang-raped by my black brothers.” The gay couple in West Hollywood who hung a Palin mannequin from a noose.

Somehow, so many forget history.

One could argue that the left does a great job exciting people in a negative way.

Just recently, MSNBC allowed guest commentator Eugene Robinson to advocate a violent overthrow of government. Not a word from the President or those on the left.

Candidate Obama told supporters to “get in their faces,” “hit back twice as hard,” “push your enemies,” “it’s time to fight for it.” President Obama has said “I’m itching for a fight,” “we talk to these folks…so I know whose ass to kick,” “they bring a knife…we bring a gun.” Typical leftists talk…and the Chicago way.

This from a man who said to not jump to conclusions about a Muslim committing jihad on a military base. This from a President who wants to focus on the nation”s “caustic political climate.”

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik quickly blamed right-wing media rhetoric. After much pushing and prodding he admitted that he had no proof of this. The media allowed him to play judge and jury with no facts. Once again, it’s acceptable by the media and left.

Even Jane Fonda has created political hostility toward Palin and Beck on her Twitter page. Why isn’t the media or Obama addressing the hate towards calls for an assignation on Palin? She’s still a threat? Why should Beck have to pay for security for her and his family?

Those who think they have the answers are at times equally crazy. The man that committed murder this weekend was not mentally stable. That’s no excuse. He was nothing that the left wing media and radicals make him out to be. He believed the government was behind 9/11. He believed the moon landing was fake.
When does the double standard and reverse rhetoric end?

To date, no one has stood up and taken a stand against this kind of garbage. Somewhere out there, there must be a leader who will stand up.

We’re waiting.

Nicholas E. Terry is a Hayward resident and co-host of the East Bay Citizen TnT Podcast.