Stark Votes Against GOP Repeal Of Health Care Blll

House Republicans voted to repeal President Obama’s health care reform bill, but without the entire California Congressional delegation. Three Democrats voted for the appeal today. The bills heads to the Senate after the 245-189 vote, which is likely to stall in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

In his floor speech this afternoon, Rep. Pete Stark mentioned the plight of a 26-year-old Castro Valley woman who, he says, health insurers deemed her pregnancy as a “pre-existing condition.” The determination forced her scurrying for health insurance. Below is Stark’s full speech:

Stark’s next town hall meeting is Sat., Jan. 22 in Fremont and San Leandro.


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  1. Well. That was useless.

    Will come down to the President having to stand for something or play politics.

    Either one, this will hurt him in 2012.


  2. No one in the world admires our health care system.We live in a global economy where we need competitive health care , otherwise we can't compete for many of the good jobs.Almost 15 percent of costs or GDP. Competitive health care like France who has the best quality at half the U.S.price. The corporations that are supporting the health care repeal make things these days in China and don't want U.S workers competing against their China workers.
    Put an extra 30 pounds on any running back and it will slow him down, even 15 pounds will. Competitive health care. Send Tavares to Portugal, I think they're 12th we're 37th.Howe about an article on Portugal's health care system.




  3. Craig, you are an absolute idiot. I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of Americans running around the world looking for better health care than here. France? Portugal? Who the hell do you think you're kidding? Some stupid portagees, guineas and micks from New England?


  4. Wow- Stark looks terrible. I would not even recognize him if I ran into him on the street. He's all puffed up- any ideas on what he is suffering from?


  5. Nick, what was useless? The House vote has no chance of going forward. Or is that the vote was partisan? Three Blue Dog Democrats voted with the Republican majority to repeal Healthcare Reform. The rest of the Democrats stayed firmly against repeal. You will have to move further East to get with a majority of Republicans. Mel


  6. Give Pete a hand. The Republican plan is NOcare! Who in the hell wants to go back to the insurance companies having all the control. My child was denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition. I want the Democratic plan I call AMERIcare. I have friends who thought they had coverage under our past NOcare plan, got seriously ill and were dropped because they forgot to dot an i or cross a t in their applications. I know seniors who take over a dozen medications and when they reached the donut hole, had to decide between food or meds. I know working families who were working 40 hours at low wages and couldn't afford any insurance, so waited until they or their kids got seriously ill, then went to the Emergency Room, which cost us taxpayers a lot more money than a doctor visit. The Republicans are just wasting our time and money in doing the bidding of Corporate America. Keep Americare!


  7. Hey, you freeloader above. No one you know was denied care. They were just made charity cases. You people don't care about quality care, all you loafers want is freebies from the government.


  8. I cannot wait to hear the new program from John Boehner. I think this will get rid of most of the free loaders.

    1. Scale back entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, which threaten to bankrupt the nation’s future.
    2. Eliminate the costly and ineffective military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan; target defense spending to actions that truly protect the United States.
    3. Stop spending on the fiscal stimulus.
    4. Reduce subsidies for agriculture, transportation, energy, housing, and all other special interests.


  9. Hey you right wing sissy, stop playing with yourself when you hear Rush rant.


  10. Hey you leftists quit playing with yourselves whenever a politician promises “more welfare”.


  11. Mel:

    I love your hypocritical bullshit. His speech was useless, it didn't do a thing for the cause. You have no idea if this will pass the Senate or not; I know you think you know all, but really, your folks were wrong every time they hugged you and said you “know it all.” I know, I know you wish it were true and it's ok that you're not. This COULD pass the Senate, no one knows.

    Just a simple minded thought…

    Government, morons like Stark and folks like Mel and the like, blame BIG BAD INSURANCE COMPANIES…but if they MANDATE (require us, which the bill does, read it morons) us to HAVE healthcare coverage, either from govt or private, aren't they just making the BIG BAD INSURANCE COMPANIES richer? These folks really are stupid. You must have it, no questions asked. Either from Government (which doesn't supply it until 2014, some 2016) or pay for it…so, government is helping insurance companies.

    The only thing we have a right to is life, liberty & the pursuit of making our own happiness (whatever that may be, whatever it is we want to buy).

    Sad that Mel still hasn't found something constructive to do with her time.


  12. “Anonymous said…
    Hey you right wing sissy, stop playing with yourself when you hear Rush rant.
    January 20, 2011 11:43 PM”



  13. Nick, once again you have it wrong. The Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is from the Declaration of Independence and not part of the three articles of the Constitution and the 27 Amendments. I know this is hard for you to grasp, but you are typically miss informed or just flat out ignorant or stupid. Hard to tell usually.

    You do have a right to speech and assembly and a whole lot of other rights, most of which you enjoy but are blissfully ignorant of.

    That Steve includes you as the hind part of nT is a mystery to me. But then that Podcast is dead anyway, either through your presumed incompetence or other intellectual failing.

    So, when you have a chance to think and present something positive please share it. Mel.


  14. Nick, insurers don't like it because:

    1-Insurers can't drop coverage if you get sick.
    2-Lifetime limits on coverage are prohibited.
    3-Your insurer must spend at least 80% of every dollar you pay in premiums on medical care.
    4-You have access to a new, independent appeals process if you are denied coverage by an insurance company.


  15. Anonymous, well said. Mel


  16. Half of these right wingnuts are just a car crash and pink slip away from living on the streets. Just a bunch of sychophants who can't articulate why health care reform is bad except that is bad in some parallel universe. I say go to the place and buy your meds from the Martians.


  17. Whoops, looks like I get to call the old bag out again.

    When did I say “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” was in the constitution?

    My contribution is simple, feeble minded and true: I get to call people out and prove to others that you're really the bitch you come off as.

    Your argument is just as stupid as the politicians who say provided healthcare falls under the commerce clause; or is it the 14th Amendment or is it The Bill of Rights? Oh wait, its none of the above. Having the right to bear arms or the right to free speech is NOT the same as the right to free healthcare or education or financial assistance.

    Mel, you have rights, and lefts, ups and downs and middles, so what. You really are arrogant, ignorant and incompetent.

    As for why insurance companies don't like it…until you are an insurance provider, maybe just shut up since you dont know? Just throwing that one out there.

    Podcast is not dead…your one functioning brain cell, maybe, but the show is not. Not my problem you can't find it.


  18. Anonymous said…
    Half of these right wingnuts are just a car crash and pink slip away from living on the streets. Just a bunch of sychophants who can't articulate why health care reform is bad except that is bad in some parallel universe. I say go to the place and buy your meds from the Martians.
    January 21, 2011 2:08 PM

    You may all remember her, here


  19. Nick, you wrote in this string on 1/21/11 at 8:43 AM “The only thing we have a right to is life, liberty & the pursuit of making our own happiness (whatever that may be, whatever it is we want to buy).” You wrote it, I did not. None of what you wrote is a protected American right. You are just plain wrong. Your arguments are inaccurate and well, not worth much. But then you are the loser who could not make it in Hollywood, could not stand the political heat from a Korean politician in Hayward and now you are terrorizing Danville or some other place than Hayward or Castro Valley or San Leandron. All places better off without your services. You loser. Mel


  20. You folks are fools. People can go with an HMO if they choose to have policy with lifetime limits. Pre-existing conditions can be covered with waiting periods and high dedutibles. But this crap about someone getting pregnat, and demanding insurance coverage for 6 or less months of premiums is insanity. But, then those who vote and support Pete Stark aren't the most full between the ears.


  21. Mel…you said I…I SAID it was in the Constitution, so once again, you're wrong and can't step up and wear big girl pants.

    As for being a Hollywood loser, once again, how can you be so passionate in your assumption? You know that you are only making yourself look like a liar by saying that since you have no clue.

    As for Hayashi, you got me there. Not sure why you have to call out her race, thats pointless.

    As for where I am terrorizing next, well, it's not Danville.

    I'd rather be a loser then the equivalent to what you are.

    Once again, you say something without backing it. You're a bigger idiot than me. My advice, get laid.


  22. “Yes, it’s gov't interference in your life…but I tend to think it’s a kind of interference that helps us.” -Pete Stark

    Someone or something should interfere Mr. Stark.

    And, Mel…the show is not dead. Told ya so!


  23. She fell down and hit her head again…dang it!


  24. Nick, that old bag has a lot of pent up sexual frustration to her. Send a bare chested picture of yourself to her.


  25. Gross, I have some standards.

    I already volunteer at the animal shelter.


  26. C'mon Nick. Do it for the team!


  27. I do enough.


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