Souza Asks County, ‘Can You Spare A Dime?’

Diana Souza

By Steven Tavares

This is not the best time for San Leandro Councilwoman Diana Souza to become the head of the struggling Associated Community Action Program (ACAP). Nevertheless, just days after becoming chair of the inter-governmental East Bay agency, Souza was standing before a hastily assembled Alameda County Board of Supervisors last Thursday, hat in hand, asking for an increased loan of $321,000 to meet payroll for its 30 employees.

It is not yet known exactly how the agency created over 35 years ago by 12 East Bay cities to combat poverty suddenly cannot pay its employees. “I can’t understand how it got to a place where you can’t make payroll,” the Oakland Tribune reported Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson saying. “Where were the checks and balances?”

According to county staff reports, the board of supervisors approved a $250,000 revolving trust fund in February 2009. The entire amount was distributed to ACAP the next month and has not been repaid, according to the Alameda County Social Services Agency. The request during Thursday’s special session asked for an additional loan of $321,000; roughly enough to cover the next three bi-weekly pay periods.

Supervisors Scott Haggerty and Wilma Chan did not attend the evening special meeting, leaving the items passage to a unanimous decision of the board. Supervisor Nate Miley and Carson reluctantly approved the loan with the argument ACAP’s current financial situation is not the fault of its workers. Supervisor Nadia Lockyer, though, voted against it; thereby blocking approval of the loan. Lockyer said she did not believe ACAP had shown it can be self-sufficient in the near-term.

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  1. Get rid of it. It serves no useful purpose and a waste of tax money.


  2. What does Nadia Lockyer know about being self sufficient?


  3. Steve, good reporting on your part. Let's see where you were scooped. You missed a careers worth of stories:

    1. Nepostism. Husband and Wife Paul Daniels and Nanette Dillard who run the district and have unaccountably misplaced more than $1.0 M in unsubstantiated grants.

    2. Supervisor 4 Nate Miley's adult daughter works for the agency.

    3. Conspiracy. Diana Souza, the unopposed San Leandro Council Member is the present Oversight Chairperson who was allegedly said on 2/2/11 there were no problems in the agency and who came back on 2/14/11 that there were problems and who on Friday asked for a third of a million dollars.

    4. Patronage. Supervisors Carson and Miley voted to support the graft and provided the oversight to say it is all OK.

    5. Criminal activity. Danniels and Dillard left office, along with reportedly most of the financial files. No charges have been filed.

    6. Conflict of Interest. Supervisor Miley has not recused himself, nor have Supervisors Carson and Chan. Is that why Wilma was not present?

    7. What are the favors offered to Scott Haggerty for missing the vote?

    8. Ineffectiveness and Transparency. Supervisor Nate Miley sits on the governing board. Miley said the agency has seen an explosion in growth in recent years and that Dillard did not appear up to the task of handling the operation. “I stood beside Ms. Dillard for a number of years, but I don't think her management skills were a match for the growing organization,” Miley said.

    9. Good journalism, right. Staffers said that in exchange for anonymity and immunity that, “We have accounting practices that at best were less than professional, and at worst possibly criminal. Basically, the program is bankrupt.”

    10. Sam Tuttleman, VP Goodwill Industries in SF is running the agency as an interim chairman. Good to see that Goodwill, which benefits from the decision making, remains a part of the inside cadre of corruption.

    Steve, where has the Citizen been? Not much in real journalism. Where is the City of San Leandro. At the least City Council members should be actively working to root out this corruption. Right, Lawyers in charge and lots of patronage. Ralph


  4. Anyone notice that Souza and Kaplan look like Sisters?


  5. Ralph, you should check your facts on several of your points (especially #10), but I guess the internet allows people to puke bullshit so have at it.


  6. Anonymous, 10 is factual. He was appointed because Goodwill Industries is a significant part of San Leandro and his ties with Miley and Carson. That no one has mounted an investigation has a lot to do with the patronage endemic in SL and AC politics. Folks in office a long time develop heretical allegiances. Carson and Miley have done so. Ralph


  7. Ralph, I don't know Sam Tuttleman's current affiliation with SF Goodwill Industries, but I know he's worked for the County's Social Services Agency for years and I think many of his responsibilities for the County make him a good fit to step in a run ACAP. You can come up with conspiracy theories if you'd like, but I'm not buying it. Also, I listed to today's board of supervisors meeting and there will be an ivestigation of the previous executive director of ACAP.


  8. Hey this big mouth was all against Gordon Galvan's Stinks bus lines. Now she's sucking off the taxpayers. HYPOCRITE!


  9. Anonymous, try Googling Sam Tuttleman. This is his real job. He is a real vampire,sucking out the tax money from all the do gooders out there and fooling you. This is no conspiracy theory. It is real. Of course you do not believe it. You are talking to and trusting the same folks that are stealing from you. You talk about a conflict of interest. These folks are amazing. No oversight and no controls and no one cares, including you.

    Goodwill Industries
    1500 Mission Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    Tel: 415-575-2100 Fax: 415-575-2170

    Deborah Alvarez-Rodriguez, President & CEO
    Sam Tuttleman, Vice President



  10. Haha Lockyer claiming the high road. Here's her formula for self-sufficiency:
    1. Marry rich powerful guy
    2. Have hubby shell out $1 million to buy elected office
    3. Earn big salary from public office with no term limits


  11. It used to be called a concubine, but here in Alameda County we call it Supervisor Nadia Lockyer and Deborah Stark.


  12. you're just jealous a beautiful woman never took notice of you. If they had even once in your life time, you would know that not only can beauty and amazing brains be in one amazing woman who so happens to also be an amazing model of a mother, lawyer, and now elected official, but you would also know that true love is blind – and is found between those who don't look at money or title – and this indeed, my friend, was the case with Nadia and Bill. She said NO when he first asked her to marry him – she had her work helping people as a priority – but when she realized he truly did love her, and he does, she could not deny their deep connection and love. AND THANK GOD THEY CREATED THAT BEAUTIFUL CHILD OF THEIRS!!!


  13. Have either one of you ever done research on the Nadia Maria Davis Lockyer that is now Supervisor Lockyer? If she was older and ugly, you wouldn't have any thing to talk about – but since she's smart as hell, passionate about helping people as the jalapenos she loves, and hot as hell you think you can ride on all your egotistical, male focused powerful gorgeous women bigotry and not crash? The crash is coming! (and by the way, Nadia was in a horrible car crash 12 years ago and nearly died – BUT she didn't, not only survived, but kicked ass helping others along the way to where she is today) And hell, Steve and Manuel, now that she's kicking ass on the Board of Sups really making a difference in the lives of many and helping others, with that tight butt and great tits you've admired and had the gall to even mention, what do you gotta say now? Thank you Nadia for dealing with all this shit and having a husband whose support enabled us to see the aweful truth about Liz Figueroa's fraud and lies, your wisdom and leadership, and get us a great new, fabulous Supervisor in YOU!


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