Lockyer Appointee Once Filed Lawsuit Against Election Opponent

By Steven Tavares

A Hayward attorney who filed a lawsuit last March against former supervisorial candidate Liz Figueroa alleging an incorrect ballot designation was appointed Tuesday by Supervisor Nadia Lockyer to the Alameda County Consumer Affairs Commission.

Consumer affairs attorney Suizi Lin’s appointment was approved within the consent portion of the agenda. The five-member board is charged with overseeing best business practices and consumer protection in the county.

The connection between Lin and the Lockyers goes back to State Treasurer Bill Lockyer’s days as attorney general. Lin worked as an extern in his Southern California office. She also works for the same Hayward law firm that Lockyer is employed as “of counsel.”

Last March, as the race for District 2 supervisor heated up, Lin filed a complaint with the county registrars’ office alleging Figueroa’s job description of “job developer/educator” was false. The designation was later changed.

While the suit was initially reported as merely a concerned local resident acting on their own accord, Lin told The Citizen, she was approached by the Lockyer campaign to file the lawsuit. She agreed all along with the premise Figueroa misrepresented her occupation for her ballot designation, Lin said. Lockyer went on to win the June primary, but failed to gain a majority of votes. She easily beat Figueroa in the general election with over 66 percent of the vote.

Lin replaces Marshall Mitzman on the commission. Each member of the board of supervisors has an appointee from their respective districts on the commission. Lin’s term ends in 2013.

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16 replies

  1. Consumer Attorney?

    She lists her practice areas as:
    Animal / Dog Law
    Car Accidents
    Elder Law
    Injury Law
    Legal Malpractice
    Medical Malpractice

    I filled the vacancy of Marshall Mitzman. Not sure how they missed that…not that anyone cares, but still…come on Lockyer, show some love. Oh well…these people are already paying back favors!


  2. For those interested in serving on a board or comission and have no connection to their County Supervisor, I invite you to check it out; Mrs. Lockyer felt no need to advertise any vacancies.

    Here's the application (feel free to link this, Mrs. Lockyer): http://www.acgov.org/clerk/forms/BoardCommApplication.pdf

    Here's the list of boards & commissions (Lockyer friends need not apply): http://www.acgov.org/alco_app/clerk/boards_com.jsp?type=R


  3. Nick, Tavares, go apply and give us a report back on what happened.


  4. Paul, even if Steve and I applied, we'd be over looked, EVEN if no one else applied. They owe a lot of favors.


  5. LOL….I'm laughing because is this really considered doing someone favor? Sitting on a boring ass commission and eating egg salad sandwiches doesn't seem like a favor to me.


  6. No name…they dont have a budget for food, so, yeah. Use your brain…if shes a supposed Consumer Attorney, having this title is what she's after. I served on the commission and while I respect it, its very limitless and is restricted from really doing what its mission is. But I would agree, its not really a good favor, but in the end, the law suit filed by this friend of theirs really didn't do much.


  7. Go ahead Nick apply and let's see what happened.


  8. Paul…I have served, pay attention.


  9. Hey pay attention to Big Shot Nick, with the fabulous hair, brilliant pundit and Hollywood Talent Agent, he knows it all. He was County Commisioner you know. He thinks that Mrs. Hayashi actually gives a damn about him and he can't even remember who he's talking to on his board. Brilliant Pundit indeed! Go walk your dog.


  10. Thanks Anonymous, the less dipshits on here, the better.

    Way to call out your own, thanks pal! And let Mary know that we'll bust the story on her personal affairs soon so if she wants to have a sit down, she has all my contact info.


  11. You self indignant narcissist. When will you get over your self and your bloated ego that the Assemblywoman does not give a damn about you? You are no political threat to her. Anyone can sit in their garage on B Street, open the door and yell at passing cars; “I'm running against Hayashi”.

    And you dipshit, I didn't say I was going to walk my dog, I said for YOU to go walk YOUR dog?


  12. I love the attention, keep it up!!!


  13. PS. I never lived on B Street. And yes, you're right, I am no threat to Mary Hayashi, never was, never said I was…I appreciate you water heads that say I think I am…oh and I never told anyone to walk their dog…but most of you probably have them for spouses, so do as you please, and take your blood pressure meds and get over me, you're making my ego gigantic!!!

    And lastly, stop taking everything I say so serious and matter of fact. I suggest you watch a Mel Brooks movie, or two.

    Time to brush my amazing hair!


  14. I'll pick Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein, with The Producers sneaking in there on some days.


  15. this blog is full of morons. i can believe google would like this stupid blog on their results for lockeyer and boards.


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