EBMUD Director To Former Opponent: You Ain’t A Ute!

By Steven Tavares

The recently re-elected board member for the East Bay Municipal Utility District is protesting the appointment of his election opponent to Castro Valley’s quasi-governmental advisory committee.

Questions over Matt Turner’s
resume holds up pick for
Castro Valley MAC.

Frank Mellon easily beat Matt Turner last November with nearly two-thirds supports, but Tuesday he furnished the Alameda County Board of Supervisors with a memo urging them to reconsider appointing his one-time rival to the Castro Valley Municipal Action Committee.

Mellon says Turner lied about the breadth of his experience at the University of Utah and questioned his resume as a “wilderness EMT” saying there is no designation in California. “This is a question of ethics and responsibility,” Mellon told the Board of Supervisors Tuesday morning,adding, “This is not a vendetta.”

On Turner’s campaign web site for the EBMUD board, he does not explicitly say he graduated from Utah, but obliquely references time at unidentified schools. “Matt received a broad-based higher education at colleges and universities across the country and internationally while working in the construction trades to support himself, eventually becoming a Wilderness EMT teaching state-of-the-art patient recovery, care and transport,” Turner says in his biography.

Turner defended himself before the board with numerous EMT certificates in tow along with transcripts from Utah. He refuted ever referring to himself as a wilderness EMT, although he stated years of similar experience in Mexico.

The appointment of Turner was included on Tuesday’s agenda until Mellon raised concerns about the candidate’s character. The board of supervisors announced during its regular session today it would postpone approval of Turner until a later date while it investigated Mellon’s claims. Miley said he had been alerted to Mellon’s claims over a week ago, but had yet to make inquiries with Turner.

Mellon also said Turner had failed to file a campaign finance report with Fair Political Practice Commission earlier this year. Turner told the board, the FPPC had advise him the filing was held up because of a missing signatures, which he said would be ammended this week.

Appointment to the Castro Valley MAC is practically the most important political position in the unincorporated town. It acts similar to a city council, but without tangible power and reports directly to Supervisor Nate Miley, who represents Castro Valley at the county level.

UPDATE: Reporting from Tuesday’s meeting was added to this article. 4/14/11, 2:30 p.m.