Why Team Cassidy Is Keeping Tabs On City Employee Emails

By Steven Tavares

About a year ago, I was having a conversation about Margarita Lacabe, the wife of San Leandro School Board Trustee Mike Katz-Lacabe and propagator of an inquiry into my emails with city councilmembers and city employees. The well-known political consultant I was chatting with and known for his sometimes salty language said she has bigger balls than Mike, if the oftentimes meek school board members had any at all.

Without doing due diligence, her latest escapade adds to her reputation as the Doyenne of Discontent as she attempts to portray herself as the city’s newest investigative blogger under the guise of quelling the most independent voice against Mayor Stephen Cassidy, seems to prove him correct.

Whatever Lacabe’s reasons for requesting emails to and from me to city employees, the former mayor and members of City Council, the intent is clearly to intimidate a rapidly burgeoning amount of discord among city employees against Cassidy’s actions and foster fear of retribution in the event any of them should ponder blowing the whistle against his administration.
Cassidy may deny any role in Lacabe’s actions to dig for information given to me by city officials and employees, but make no mistake, Cassidy’s inner circle worked diligently to get him elected and have increasingly shown a fervor to remake San Leandro in the eyes of a sometimes competing band of liberals in the San Leandro Hills.

Very few in San Leandro have been able to dodge a conflict with the notoriously unstable Margarita Lacabe who has brought her brand of hubristic opinions to her own San Leandro blog. Apparently, she is also a self-made media expert who frequently uses the phrase, “I think” to punctuate her points. Incidentally, does the Katz Family have a bustling newsroom in their basement, or what? What’s the progeny of two hard-working bloggers to do but create their own kid blog and rail against the blatant use of imitation mac and cheese by the cafeteria lady at Roosevelt Elemenetary?

All joking aside, the fascistic use of undermining the press in the name of transparency is a tautology only George Orwell could appreciate. Don’t be fooled, though, despite their sometimes diva ways and self-serving opinions, this group of Cassidy, the Katz’s and their platinum earringed cohort, Tim Holmes, are united in their dislike of city institutions important to many San Leandrans such as the police department. They have pooled their rhetoric to punch holes in its usefulness along with a continued effort to undermine hundreds of city employees under the guise of fiscal prudence. Guess what? Among East Bay cities, San Leandro is sitting the prettiest when it comes to pensions and budget sustainability.

In the end, Team Cassidy is using intimidation to put forth a platform more interested in furthering a possible political career in Sacramento on the backs of creating a template for taming the interests of the working class and unions. Taking a prying eye to the concerns of the detracting opinions of city employees is only part of that mechanism and the real defenders of the truth, you and I, should find these actions as an insidious affront to democracy and the utility of journalists to objectively report the actions of government.

As I have long told the Katz Family bloggers, either be public officials, like you are, or be citizen bloggers. Choose one, but not both because more times than not that unholy alliance is used for political expediency and misinformation. Both of which these startling actions by Lacabe have proven so well.

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  1. I get my salary from my mom with lucky charms! if I go to bed on time and stop harrasing Steven and all the people who post on the citizen. it's a hard compromise but I love lucky charms



  2. Rockets department? He has been gone for at least 5 years do your homework Justin.


  3. I think Tavares is scared for the public to find out:
    > Evidence he is directly financed by the communist party/unions/other anti-American groups
    > Evidence of multiple homosexual romances with city staff/council members


  4. Hello, Ghost of Senator Joe McCarthy!

    “At long last, ghost, have you no decency?”


  5. John – History provided McCarthy was correct and there were Communists and Homosexuals in Congress. So are you stating that you agree that Mr. Tavares is both? And how do you know? Are you one of his financiers and/or romance partners?


  6. Speaking of intimidation – it was Mr. Tony Santos who threatened to sue me for libel after I put in a Freedom of Information Act request to see his emails. After I withdrew my request; he withdrew his threat of a lawsuit. If that's not intimidation, then I don't know what is.

    Mr. Santos was not smart enough to understand the definition of libel – I nicely tried to explain to him that I did not state something as fact that I knew to be untrue (the legal definition of libel); I merely conjectured about Mr. Santos' stupidity (Which is something that apparently a majority of voters in San Leandro did during the last election).

    I'm all for Freedom of the Press and keeping your sources secret; but City Workers should be well aware that their email accounts are supposed to be used for the purpose of city business; and that any correspondence is public domain. If they want to talk to you without the permission of their supervisors on matters not pertaining to their job role; they should at least take the time to use a personal email account. For instance, Yahoo webmail is pretty easy to use – even with the average SL city worker's intellectual capacity.

    I have an idea for you Steve – go through all of your emails and publish anything “juicy” on your blog first. You always seem to pre-empt everyone else on the big news stories in San Leandro, so why stop now? Keep up the good work. I think you're the hardest working journalist in town – and I'm amazed at how many comments you continue to get for each new post. 🙂

    Frank Lynn


  7. This thread has all the makings of an insane asylum. It would be refreshing if adults posted.


  8. “Rockets department? He has been gone for at least 5 years do your homework Justin.”

    Public works should be gone along with him Tony. There is nothing there that several businesses around town can't do without dinging us for pensions, overtime and union arm twisting.


  9. Repeat repeat: San Leandro workers had their compensation cut and jobs eliminated for years before Cassidy arrived. If you cut jobs, inevitably overtime will increase.

    There are services the city needs to provide, Justin. Public safety is police and fire, but it's a lot of other things. It's also seeing to it that our roads and parks are maintained. It's also seeing to it that homes and businesses are not constructed or altered in ways that create fire or other risks. It's lots of other things that businesses aren't in business to provide.

    At the County, State and Federal level, there's a need for government to step in to see to it that everyone has access to health care, food and shelter, among other things. This is the wealthiest country in the history of the world. We can afford these things.

    As an example of why this is important, I think it's evident to all San Leandrans that if it were left to businesses, we would not have the health care we need. More people would go without enough food. More people would be homeless. More homeless would die.


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