Leaders In Fremont Don’t Have Anything To Do


You would think a large East Bay city staring at a huge budget deficit would have more to do, but not Fremont’s City Council.

The Fremont Bulletin reported this week Vice Mayor Suzanne Lee Chan asked city staff to look into reducing the number of meetings due to a lack pertinent issues recently for the group to deliberate. The trek out to Fremont for Tuesday night meetings has indeed been fruitless in recent weeks.

Aside from the city’s quite aggressive move against Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to eliminate redevelopement agencies, the action from Fremont has been relatively dull along with some meetings ending briskly; some times in less than an hour.

Is Fremont that well run despite the prospects of significant budget shortfalls or the sign of a apathetic population? Who knows? Cobbling together a work session with a regular meeting sounds like an efficient way to save time and money, but maybe Fremont needs something to talk about, too.

They could start by beginning to sort out how Union Pacific sullied their plans for a tech hub of tomorrow surrounding the Nummi/Tesla plant with the railroad’s purchase of adjacent land proposed for a railway depot. Nothing says the future than a rumbling choo-choo train.


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