By Steven Tavares

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Kamala Harris are the future of the state Democratic Party. Both brought their aura of their rockstar followings to the state convention. On several occasions Saturday bringing the hall to its feet in admiration.

While Harris hyped herself as a tough-talking Democrat on crime, Newsom positioned himself as a job creator. Two issues each Democrat will likely need to gain higher office in the near future.

“I am a proud pro-job Democrat,” said the gravely-voiced and excitable Newsom. The state has not had a discernible job plan for 15 years, said Newsom, including no delivery system and over 30 disparate state departments disconnected from creating jobs. Despite the inefficiency, he said the state’s ability to innovate is unrivaled.

“I’m confident we’ll get our mojo back,” he said. “There is simply not a state in this county that can out-compete our us.” The state, though, needs to return to its manufacturing roots to gain ground lost to surging economies in China, Brazil and India, he said.

“Democrats cannot give up on manufacturing,” he said, noting of the billions of cell phones created in the world, not one is made in the state or even the United States. “Look at the back of your iPhone,” said Newsom, “it says designed in California, manufactured in China. We have go to turn this around and focus on manufacturing.“

Harris’ address was less specific, but her oratory style and remarks brought some of the loudest cheers from convention-goers during the morning session. “You don’t have to run from your convictions to run for elected office,” said Harris. “We showed it’s time to be smart on crime.”

The former San Francisco district attorney was the last of nine Democrats to win state office when she narrowly defeated Steve Cooley. “It’s time to stop making apologies and start making progress. It’s time to stand up for our principles,” she roared. “As California Democrats we win when we stand up for what we believe in.”