Corbett, Hayashi Drawn Out of San Leandro


By Steven Tavares

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California State Senate districts as proposed
 Friday by the Citizens’Redistricting Commission.

Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett has been  San Leandro politics for the better part of two decades. Her mayoral victory in 1994 was in some cases the beginning of a strong, but politically fortunate rise to the state Senate, but if first drafts of the Citizens’ Redistricting Commission stand, her strong base in San Leandro could be lost.

The commission announced Friday, San Leandro would be cut out of Corbett’s district and moved to include Sen. Loni Hancock’s area encompassing Alameda, Oakland and Berkeley. Corbett, who is termed out in 2014, would take on more of the South Bay. In addition to Hayward and Fremont, Corbett’s district would run clear down to Downtown San Jose.

The potential loss of Corbett, who is very popular in San Leandro, is likely to face stiff opposition. Following her stint as mayor, she also represented the city in the state assembly for eight years and easily won re-election to the state senate last November.

Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi could also be drawn out of San Leandro. The commission appears intent on coupling the city along with Alameda and nearby neighborhoods in Oakland.

California Assembly districts proposed Friday.

Hayashi’s district, one of the many drawn with peculiar boundaries due to excessive gerrymandering would still include Hayward, Castro Valley and Union City along with a sliver of Fremont, but also jut eastward.

The new senate maps were not the only potential problem for Corbett’s political future and possibly Hayashi. The congressional district held by Rep. Pete Stark may become vastly more moderate if draft maps include Alameda County’s more agricultural constituents in the east. Corbett, along with Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi and a host of potential candidates have kept a keen eye on Stark’s seat, if he were to retire. Both Corbett and Hayashi are two of the most liberal members of the State Legislature.

32 thoughts on “Corbett, Hayashi Drawn Out of San Leandro

  1. Sandre' will be termed out in 2012, so we will gain a new Assemlymember regardless of what side of the 16th/18th line we end up.

    Sandre' would have made me happy- his office is responsive to constituent requests, and his budget and bill votes reflect my values. I hope we elect an Assemblymember who can win loyalty and gain an important Committee chairmanship like he has.


  2. Please no Sandre Swanson or Loni Hancock for SL…we will never have any representation or interest from those two.


  3. Steven Tavares you are a disgrace to your race because you allow some bastard like the fake “Manuel” to continue to post on this site and disgrace the Portuguese people. Have you no shame? Have you no pride in your people or ancestry?


  4. Not good news for San Leandro. SL will never again have the representation it now has for at least the next 20 years. With new set up, no one from SL, unless your JC, can win in new district. We will lose money and everything we have. This has been major problem with supervisor district. How to rectify this gross injustice? Tony Santos


  5. Conservative Republicans make me laugh. They are so inept. For the fake Manuel–look inept up in the dictionary.


  6. Manuel, or the fake Manuel, if you were intelligent, you wouldn't make spelling and/or grammatical errors! It's not “their almost.” It's they're almost, or they are almost. p.s. Republican, if referring to the party, should be capitalized.


  7. That's why their almost always the majority in the US libtard faggot. I hate you. I hate liberals. I hate democrats. I vote republican.

    I am Manuel…


  8. Nick, if you think the racist and homophobic posts are from a liberal, you aren't as intelligent as you think you are. No one has to make the conservatives look bad. The party of NO does that to themselves. That's why they can't win a statewide race.


  9. Folks, stop replying to the fake Manuel; the original Manuel never posted racists comments like these. Most of you are smart enough to know that it's someone else…its just a libtard trying to make ONE “conservative” look bad.

    Still waiting on Anonymous from Monday to respond…


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    always with love



  11. Anonymous @ 11:49AM…use a real name, use a Google Account…

    Ok, so WHAT posts of mine are bringing in all these supposed Tea Party people who drop the N word? What proof is there that an idiot like me rounded up said Tea Party racists? I am probably the ONLY conservative/libertarian that visits this site; at least posts on it. The rest are far from the truth.

    How does a post attract attention if no one knows about it? You dont think we can tell where posts are coming from and how often they visit and their posting habits?

    And for the record, NOT one person has admitted to being a supporter of the Tea Party (not a real political party) and comes here talking filth. HOWEVER, we can see that MANY libtard closet racists DO posts hate and want YOU to believe they are gun loving, Palin supporting (by the way, Palin eMail Gate sure did go wrong), God loving racists.

    Herman Cain…a tea party favorite and hes all black!

    Get real or get lost!

    Anonymous @ 9:34AM…Hayashi has SAID that she wants to be the first Koren-American in the Congress. Or she wants to be further away from the little people she lives away from already.

    She will run, but can't beat Stark, or Corbett, or probably even McNerny.


  12. I thought Hayashi already redrew herself out of her district when she moved to Stonebrae. San Leandro doesn't need Hayashi, anyway. She's never shown an interest and never will.


  13. Nick, I didn't say you were a racist (although Manuel is). I said posts like yours and Manuel attract followers from the far right conservative tea party who use the N word. If those people aren't racist–who is?


  14. Anonymous said…

    Manuel(the real one)–these are the type of ultra-conservative racists you and Nick attract. I assure you they are not progressives, but the sick conservative tea party types that are your followers.
    June 12, 2011 2:48 PM

    Just how do I attract racists? Please provide links to any racists comments I posted, or, do us a favor and cut off your fingers.


    That said, redistricting in the bay area usually always favors the Democratic party. Notice these concerns are about one Dem against another. Nothing big here.


  15. The above post is by a childish person who can't post intelligently. You make true, the anonymous post above yours. How old are you–12?


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  17. Manuel(the real one)–these are the type of ultra-conservative racists you and Nick attract. I assure you they are not progressives, but the sick conservative tea party types that are your followers.


  18. This place keeps getting nuttier by the day. But, Nick Terry is correct, these liberals are now not only posting profanity anonymously but are using other postee's names. Not very surprising considering their lack of intellect and ability to win an arugment.

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    Kind of sad that someone is so low to write these homophobic racist rants and try to associate them with some one else


  21. Nice talk Manuel–can't you make your point without being racist and swearing. Try and be an intelligent adult, if that's possible. Maybe, someone will might listen to you, and respond in an adult manner back.


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