By Steven Tavares
President Franklin D. Roosevelt tried to pack the U.S. Supreme Court. San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy may eventually attempt to pack the city council with like-minded patsies.

San Leandro School Board
President Morgan Mack-Rose

A rumor propagated by a talkative acolyte of Cassidy may set in motion a similar tactic utilized during his time on the school board. Alameda County Democratic Central Committee member Margarita Lacabe says San Leandro School Board President Morgan Mack-Rose is interested in opposing District 2 Councilwoman Ursula Reed in 2012.

It’s not the first time Mack-Rose has been summoned to shift the direction of a local government body. In 2008, she won Cassidy’s school board seat after he decided to not run for re-election. During the past mayoral campaign, Cassidy said he choose not to run for four more years at the urging of his wife. It is a well-held belief among city observers, his demeanor and subsequent impotence is attracting a majority led him to step down after one term.

Cassidy’s pet cause, though–firing former superintendent Christine Lim–was unfulfilled leading to Mack-Rose and Hermy Almonte delivering on campaign promises to unseat Lim last year along with Mike Katz-Lacabe’s vote.

With Cassidy again failing to inspire the confidence and support of his colleagues on the City Council, rumors of the ginger-haired Mack-Rose attempting to unseat Reed may be history repeating itself.

Mack-Rose’s abrupt move to District 2 could be a campaign fodder for its salaciousness in any potential match up next year. Her comments sounding skeptical of the most recent city employees union contract last December, will also force her to become more clear on her labor stances, if she were to run.