By Steven Tavares
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Mayors from Dublin, Livermore and Fremont have sent letters of support for a proposed Alameda County redistricting map dividing Pleasanton among two districts, while maintaining the status quo in the rest of the county.

Pleasanton Mayor Jennifer
Hosterman is against dividing
her city through redistricting.

 Hayward’s City Council also approved Tuesday night support for the plan labelled Map A. Hayward Councilman Mark Salinas placed the item on the agenda last week after competing maps called for Hayward to be separated in place of Pleasanton.

Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty, who sits on the two-person ad-hoc redistricting committee, motioned Wednesday afternoon for a version of Map A to be removed for consideration, along with another county-prepared proposal known as Map F.

Haggerty said the second map was created to show the current lines of his District 1 would contain too many residents if the hyper-growing city of Dublin were still included in his region.

In some ways, the dilemma facing Pleasanton is due to the rapid growth of nearby Dublin. The U.S. Census figures showed the city grew by 53 percent, vastly outstripping the state average of 10 percent.

Maps C and D, created by an independent group calling themselves the Alameda County Redistricting Task Force have contributed four proposals, mostly featuring Pleasanton aligned with its Tri-Valley neighbors, but to the consternation of some in Hayward, who instead, would grapple with two supervisors, if approved.

“We have been whole for many years,” said Hayward Councilman Francisco Zermeno. “Once we are not, it will be hard to get back together, again.”

A relatively new map under consideration, known as Map G, in some ways attempts to placate critics in both Pleasanton and Hayward by keeping both relatively intact.

A representative from Pleasanton invited the ad-hoc committee to reach out to residents of the city once more in the near future. The matter of the five remaining redistricting maps is scheduled to be heard at the June 28 Board of Supervisors meeting. The county is targeting the July 26 meeting for final adoption.