DeHaan Accuses Alameda Council of Leaking Information; Mayor Points the Finger Back

Sept. 7, 2011 | Another round of political skulduggery erupted in Alameda as Councilman Doug DeHaan vaguely accused his colleagues of leaking confidential information regarding the city’s search for a new city attorney, while the mayor accused DeHaan, himself, of being the mole.

“There continues to be a lack of confidentiality inside of City Hall regarding the identification of applicants for posting positions,” DeHaan told the council Tuesday night. “These actions are not in the best interests of the citizens of Alameda.” He urged the council to “search for the root of the problem,” but two of his colleague took exception at the insinuation they were the leakers.

“I’m quite offended that you’re saying to this council that you don’t think council isn’t committed to that,” said Councilwoman Bev Johnson.

“You should be offended,” DeHaan shot back. “I would be offended, too, and was offended.”

Later, Johnson attempted to deconstruct what she believes is DeHaan’s assertion implicating the entire council. “You’re essentially accusing us of leaking the information,” she said. You’ve eliminated everybody but the council by saying staff did everything they were suppose to do, so it must be the four of us. You say you’re committed and the rest of the four of us must recommit.”

Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore then accused DeHaan of being the source of the leaks. Gilmore said she previously confronted DeHaan “to his face” about her belief he may have compromised closed session information to the public. “I guarantee you I did not do it.” DeHaan said Tuesday night.

The impetus for DeHaan’s council referral he was to confront news reports he says are too consistently correct to have not been the source of leaks from public officials. “The concern I have is we have continually through the news media and the blogger avenue have come up with second guessing of what we’re doing,” he said. “Sometime their second guessing is dead on and that’s a concern because, indeed, if it becomes a slip of the tongue of one of us, it becomes a concern because you’re jeopardizing someones chance of moving forward or applying for a job.”

“Did we have a breech?” he rhetorically said to dramatic pause.

The city’s human resources director told the council her department has maintain the confidentiality of applicants for the vacant city attorney position, but said there is no way of stopping intrepid reporters and citizens from viewing prospective candidates as they walk into interviews with city officials.

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