Resident Who Called Out Quan As ‘Queen of Blight’ Finds Cars Towed

Sept. 26, 2011 | After one cleverly delivered line, Oakland resident Ken Pratt thinks he’s been the victim of reprisals for his action from Mayor Jean Quan.

“I nominate her the residential queen of blight,” Pratt now famously uttered last week during a Oakland City Council meeting. The hearing, already, contentious pitted angry residents who say the city is indiscriminately imposing fines for blight homes. Pratt wowed the crowd when he displayed photos of Quan’s home, featuring overgrown vegetation and wooden steps in disrepair.

According to Oakland Local, the city had a surprise for Pratt a few days later, when his cars were towed. Coincidence says a city spokesperson, but Pratt told the web site, he believes the move is payback. Councilwoman Pat Kernighan’s office says they were aware of complaints against Pratt’s unattended vehicles and responded to recent complaints earlier this month.

Sounds like political hardball, but elected officials usually reserve the chin music for other officials, not their constituents.