Former San Leandro Mayor Young To Consult For Supe Chan In San Lorenzo

Oct. 4, 2011 | Technically, Shelia Young is not the former mayor of San Leandro. Specifically, her title is mayor emeritus, but Alameda County Supervisor Wilma isn’t interested Young’s experiences with San Leandro, but instead,with neighboring San Lorenzo.

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors Tuesday afternoon approved a $28,800 contract for Young to become a liaison for the county and San Lorenzo’s typically raucous Village Homeowners Association and the more sedate chamber of commerce.

The tough-talking Tennessean, Young, should a match for the homeowners association that is infamous for spontaneously morphing into a scene from a professional wrestling match with screaming residents and feigning to toss folding chairs at opponents.

The tiny unincorporated enclave has received much attention from the board of supervisors over the years led now by Chan and preceded by Alice Lai-Bitker. Both supervisors have sought to remake San Lorenzo’s downtown surrounding the former Mervyn’s building abutting Hesperian Boulevard and Paseo Padre, in addition to continuing improvements to the town’s library.

2 thoughts on “Former San Leandro Mayor Young To Consult For Supe Chan In San Lorenzo

  1. What a crock of crap. $28,000 of taxpayer money being crapped down the toilet. There is no reason why the taxpayers should be paying money to this washed up old okie woman. She didn't do jack while Mayor except run this town into the ground. Screw this old rag.


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