Hayashi Charged With Shoplifting $2,450 In Clothing From Upscale Department Store

Oct. 28, 2011 | Castro Valley’s two-term Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi was charged Thursday with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing $2,450 in clothing from a San Francisco Neiman Marcus, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The irascible Hayashi was arraigned yesterday in San Francisco Superior Court, according to the Chronicle’s Matier & Ross. She posted $15,000 bail earlier in the day, the report added.

News of Hayashi’s arrest bombshell exploded across the East Bay political scene seemingly within minutes of the posting this afternoon on SFGate. No local officials were willing to speak on the matter this early in the news cycle, but all expressed shocking disbelief.

“I almost can’t believe it,” said one local political observer who declined to be identified. “Give me awhile to sort it all out.”

According to the article, Hayashi was seen on surveillance cameras last Tuesday afternoon allegedly shoplifting a pair of leather pants and two tops from the up-scale department store near Union Square. She was confronted shortly after paying for other items, the report said.

Hayashi’s political reputation is surely in the balance after the incident. Many East Bay politicos have pondered her next political move after she is termed-out of the assembly in 2012. Most agree Hayashi was destined to run for rival Ellen Corbett’s termed-out seat in the state senate, but that spot is not open until 2014, leaving her in the political wilderness for two years.

Starting today, her political future is now very much in doubt.