Posted @4:45 p.m.
-KCBS’ Doug Sovern says up to 17 protesters have been arrest at FiDI BofA–most are women.

-Bush’s Brain Karl Rove told protesters in Baltimore who interrupted his appearance at Johns Hopkins to “stop acting like fascists.” VIDEO

-Tweet from @rationalists: “Karl Rove shouted at OWS protesters, “Who gave you the right to Occupy America?” I had no idea he was Cherokee.”

Posted @ 3:45 p.m.
-OccupySF protester take over Bank of America branch in the Financial District. Reports says protesters have pitched tents inside the bank. One protester may have urinated inside bank.

-Occupy Oakland media says noted FBI informant and provacteur Brandon Darby has been spotted at OccupySF.

Posted @ 2:30 a.m.
-Daily Californian reports OccupyCal protester at general assembly decide to link arms to defend nascent tent encampment. The tactic gained notice after last week’s raid by campus police. Robert Birgeneau, the school’s chancellor deemed it a violent action.

Posted @ 1:45 a.m.
-Reports indicate OccupySF is currently being raided by law enforcement. SF Chronicle’s Vivian Ho reports 30 cops in riot gear emerged in a surprise action against the encampment.

-Meanwhile, across the bay at OccupyCal, the UC Police have notified about 20 occupiers with tents to disperse. Reports of up to 10,000 protesters crowded into Sproul Plaza in Berkeley last night in support of a campus strike.

-Casual observers of the Occupy protests might not realize the global impact of what is occurring in the Bay Area and Wall Street. The New York Times’ London correspondent has a nice, flowery angle to that cities occupied lads.

-Mayor Sam Adams of Portland, Ore. confirms to The New York Times the existence of a conference call attended by 18 mayors dealing with occupy groups in their cities. Adams says there were, in fact, two calls set up by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.