Khanna Holds Another Large Well-Connected Fundraiser For House Run In 2014

Dec. 12, 2011 | Upstart Democratic congressional hopeful Ro Khanna, so far, is having a very good Christmas.

The former deputy assistant at the Commerce Department under President Obama–in short time–has reeled in, according to some estimations, around $700,000 for a possible run in 2014 for Rep. Pete Stark’s East Bay seat in Congress.

Kavita Tankha, an influential Democratic fundraiser from the South Bay hosted another high-profile event for Khanna last Sunday featuring Rep. Mike Honda.

Tankha has supported other Indian American candidates, including Ami Bera’s unsuccessful campaign for Congress last year against Rep. Dan Lungren.

The event is listed as a $500 fundraiser for sponsors and $150 per guest.

Khanna’s prodigal return from the Beltway to Fremont has captured the attention of other potential East Bay pols who have long coveted the seat. Stark, who turned 80 last month, has represented the area since 1973 and plans to run for re-election next year.

Previous fundraiser for Khanna have attracted some of the Democratic Party’s elites, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Jerry Brown.

The emergence of Khanna may also highlight changes in the East Bay’s power structure revealed in the latest U.S. Census. Population and demographic statistics show the center of the region’s traditional power structure is shifting ever so slightly towards the South Bay and inland valleys.

One thought on “Khanna Holds Another Large Well-Connected Fundraiser For House Run In 2014

  1. (If I may re-post a comment that I posted earlier in response to issues about this congressional seat)

    Khanna should do what Pete Stark did in 1972.

    He did not wait until the then 80 year old incumbent decided to retire.
    NO, Pete Stark took leave of those in the party who told him to wait until retirement, and instead went it alone, and easily took out the aging and ineffective incumbent.

    Pete Stark holds his seat, ONLY because those around him prop him up out of some “respect” clause that seems to be in some unwritten contract.

    We…the people, the voters, not the party “players”, are the ones who want new and fresh representation.
    Peter Stark no longer represents us in a manner we find effective.
    We don't owe Pete the seat for life, not even for two more critical years.
    His seniority has been shown to be worthless.
    His own party members bypassed him when he was in line to take over as chairman of the Ways and Means committee.
    Anyone who understands the traditions of the House knows how big a deal that was.
    NO respect at all for Pete Stark's years of hanging around.
    He has lost much of his power.

    Now is the perfect time to replace him and a knee-jerk party “regular” is not who we need.

    As strange as it sounds, we need a new Pete Stark, like the one we got in 1972, who bucked the party regulars and went ahead without their blessing.
    Ran BEFORE they said it was OK and ran before those from the state legislature dared do so.

    For a dozen reasons, 2012 is the year to take this seat in a new direction. Out of the hands of the tired East Bay party hacks, and back into the hands of the people.

    We don't need the tired office holders of the past 30 years to tell us who to vote for to represent us in congress.
    The world has changed, while local party leaders have stayed mired in the past patterns.

    Won't someone please have the leadership to run NOW.
    We can't afford to wait until Pete decides its time for to retire himself.

    We need a fresh mind now, not some retread of our past. We don't need someone who's main claim on the office is that they have “paid their dues” for x years.

    I remind you again, when Pete Stark ran in 1972 he had no history in public office.
    He won easily.

    This year, especially with “top two” voting in place, this is a golden chance to step ahead of tradition and take this seat.

    Don't wait. Be bold. 2012 is a year of CHANGE.
    Changed district lines, changed economy, and change wanted desperately.
    A true leader, sensing the people's desire, will take the chance to run now, not in 2014.

    Ask the people. Look to the general election in November 2012.
    The people will go with the future. Pete Stark is no longer our future. We await the next leader.

    By the way, has Pete Stark absolutely told everyone he will NOT run again in 2014?

    The people in this congressional district have not had a real election in 40 years. Don't make us wait 2 more years just so Pete can exit on his own timetable.



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