Wieckowski To Offer Resolution Overturning Citizens United

Asm Bob Wieckowski

Jan. 3, 2012 | Fremont Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski announced Tuesday he will offer a resolution asking Congress to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s contentious Citizens United decision.

The 2009 ruling found unlimited campaign financing by corporation amounted to free speech. Opponents view the ruling as a blank check for powerful interests to control elections.

Santa Rosa Assemblyman Michael Allen is a co-sponsor of the resolution to be presented Wednesday when the assembly reconvenes for the new year.

“Voters will see again that this decision to give corporations a blank check to spend unlimited amounts of money–often anonymously–threatens to further silence the voices of regular citizens,” Wieckowski said during a press conference at the Capitol.

The resolution does not seek to overturn Citizens United in the courts, but urges Congress to pass a Constitution amendment effectively reversing the decision.

The resolution follows similar calls for overturning Citizens United at the local level. City Councils in Oakland and Los Angeles passed legislation last year. San Francisco, New York City and Portland may also join the fray this year.

“Where we see ‘We the People,’ they seem to see ‘We the People, Inc,'” said Derek Cressman of the nonpartisan advocacy group Common Cause.

 “Sometimes the court’s overstep their bounds and then it appropraite for the legislative branches to go back and play their role in the checks and balances in our Constitution,” added Cressman.

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2 replies

  1. What a waste of time and effort by Wieckowski. Annexation of Canada is more likely than this.


  2. Good on Assemblymam Wieckowski and his effort to eventually overturn Cityzens United in the local level. Democracy has been build from bottom up not from top down. People like Thomas, are slaves to corporate America and always think the rich and the powerfull shouls rule. They don't understand the power of the people.


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