Hayashi Reveals Brain Tumor; Pleads To Lesser Charge

Jan. 6, 2012 | The lawyer for Mary Hayashi on Friday said a benign tumor in the East Bay Assemblywoman’s brain was at least partially to blame for her shoplifting spree at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco in October. Attorney Douglas Rappaport made the comment after Hayashi made an unexpected appearance in court and pled to a lower charge of misdemeanor grand theft stemming from the allegations she stole $2,450 in clothing from Neiman Marcus.

Hayashi did not speak to reporters after her plea, which includes three years probation, a $180 fine and orders to stay 50 feet away from the Neiman Marcus at Union Square. Prosecutors had previously charged Hayashi with felony grand theft. Rappaport said the presence of the tumor was diagnosed before the October 25 shoplifting charge and confirmed afterwards. When asked if the condition may have played a part in her behavior that day, Rappaport said, “It did, according to experts.”

Read the story in the East Bay Express. Click HERE.

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5 replies

  1. What is she going to blame that on??? Her mother stuck her head in a vat of kim chee????


  2. Brain tumor? That explains her voting record. If this caused her to supposedly act irrationally then she needs to step down from her position as she has been acting irrationally since she was elected—even before.


  3. It's called HIPAA Disease – non-verifiable, dramatic and cringe-worthy – without a doctor that she gives leave to disclose there is no way to know if that is the truth. It is a slap to everyone who has or has ever had a brain disorder of any kind.

    Is this tumor allows her to skate buy with grand theft then it needs to disqualify her from holding office – you never know what she might do with the billions of dollars sitting on her desk during budget time.


  4. she needs to resign.


  5. Well, she is a Democrat so obviously there's something not right growing in her brain. RESIGN you repulsive, despicable bitch!


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