Reed Removes Planning Commissioner Likely To Be Her Council Opponent

Jan. 12, 2012 | San Leandro Planning Commissioner Chris Crow awoke Wednesday morning to the nasty reality of political skulduggery when he learned the councilmember who appointed him to the seat hopes to inexplicably remove him without notice.

The release of next Tuesday’s City Council agenda contains a motion calling for Crow’s removal. First-term Councilwoman Ursula Reed named Crow to the commission in 2010. A separate motion Tuesday recommends appointing Ed Hernandez to replace Crow. Commissioners serve at the pleasure of the council.

Crow, who has been contemplating a run for Reed’s District 2 since the fall, says he was never notified of the change before learning about it in the council agenda. He has also entertained the possibility of running for Councilwoman Joyce Starosciak’s termed-out District 4 seat located in Washington Manor.

The move by Reed appears politically motivated. Last year, observers in San Leandro say Reed was repeatedly on the receiving end of political pressure applied by Mayor Stephen Cassidy and the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce–a byproduct of the mayor’s inability to gain a consistent majority of votes on council items, they say.

Crow says he received an email Wednesday from Reed alluding to her intention to relieve him of his duties. She also claims her intention to replace him was communicated in a conversation last September after he mentioned the possibility of running against her next fall, said Crow.

Although some have questioned Reed’s performance in the past, primarily a perception that she is often absent from community functions, Crow’s removal may have more to do with his vocal support for embattled Bal Theatre owner Dan Dillman and his fight against the city community development department over liquor and event licenses. It’s a reality Crow says may have rankled some feathers at City Hall.

Recently, Crow has, at times, appeared to represent Dillman in community meetings and public hearings while portraying a sharp contrast to the cities position on the multi-purpose theater located in Reed’s district along East 14th Street.

Aside from Crow there are no expected challengers for District 2, as of yet, and no known candidates for District 4.

8 thoughts on “Reed Removes Planning Commissioner Likely To Be Her Council Opponent

  1. “…his lack of real connection with the growth areas of the city, particularly in the ethnic heartland of District 2”

    Ethnic Heartland? give me a break.


  2. Thomas, for the record, I have never met Michael Santos, and maybe have shaken Tony Santos' hand once in my life. I have never even had a conversation with him.


  3. Thomas, again I am not sure where you are getting your information. I do appreciate your distain for old guard ways in San Leandro though.

    I am Puerto Rican, not part of some white power base. In fact when the city sent Dan Dillman a letter saying he couldn't have a Black Comedy Jam, I was the only official within City Hall to speak out against the staff's position on the matter. I represented Dan at his July 2011 hearing and have been with him in every meeting with city officials since then, just to make sure that his rights were being recognized by city staff. It has been the old guard at City Hall trying to get rid of me because of my help for Dan. They were first to approach Ursula and asked her to get rid of me before I even filed for City Council. Below is the link to the YouTube video for Dan's BZA hearing last July. The minutes from the meeting are available for you to review as well.

    Also for the record, I have no insider deals going on making me money. It would make most people who know me chuckle to hear you say that because that's just not me. I am a man of average means with a dream of helping keep San Leandro vibrant and start realizing some of its true potential. Let me know if you have any other questions or accusations you'd like me to clear up.

    Thank you for your comment.


  4. Chris, you have all the earmarks of the poolitician, quick rejoinder, half facts and your appeal to the working class. What you have left off is that you are part and parcel of the old San Leandro Whites Only power base. You are the next generation of Tony Santos and Jack Maltester. You are busy accumulating the money from their special interests, primarily real estatge, in preparation for your political rise in local circles. Ursula Reed figured you out and tdried to toss you aside. Maybe you will wither and die and maybe not.

    Dan Dillman is an honorable man, but I am bewildered why he is supporting you. There is no record at all of your speaking up in his support on the Planning Committee or in public addresses.


  5. Thomas, I am not sure where you get your information from. I grew up in District 2, and the family ties I have to real estate is that my family owns a house and a condo in San Leandro, that's it. I am part owner on the condo. That's about it.

    When mom moved me here to raise me, we were poor. Living in San Leandro gave my mom (a single mom at the time), an opportunity to work hard and promote within her industry so that we could have a comfortable living, but by no means was it ritzy or glitzy.

    It's really having that experience watching my mom pull us out of poverty here in San Leandro that makes me want to give back to the city and excel myself.

    I know I will not have everyone's support in my endeavor to earn a place on City Council, but I look forward to listening to those opposing voices so I do have a true understanding of those I am seeking to represent. Thank you for your comment.


  6. Chris Crow should be praised for his dedication to our City most young men of his caliber of passion and intelligence move out of town to get away from the backward thinking that still exist in San Leandro today.

    Chris Crow I am truly sorry that you are being treated this way for speaking up for small business and the community, telling the truth seems to go against the status quo. I hope other commissioners are taking note that if they speak the truth and disagree or expose city staff for wrong doings or mis-leading/mis-guiding elected and appointed officials they could be next on the hit list!

    It seems puppets are what they want, when it is leaders that we the people need! Chris Crow, I say run for the District 2 or District 4, whatever your heart and mind lead you to choose, you have my full support!!! Either Way, you have proven to be a leader and someone who stands for Truth , Justice and Freedom!!!

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and woman are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    Dan Dillman
    Historic BAL Theatre


  7. Losing Chris Crow will be a definie plus for San Leandro. He has a lot to learn in the grown up world of politics and planning. He has irritated many with his sense of entitlement based on his family ties in real estate and his lack of real connection with the growth areas of the city, particularly in the ethnic heartland of District 2. Ursula has taken brave action and should be supported in her actions. This is a good move.


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