FREMONTJan. 20, 2012 | The remaining members of the Fremont City Council now possess a list of fourteen prospective candidates seeking to fill the remaining 10 months on recently deceased Mayor Bob Wasserman’s term in office.

The list of candidates to be interviewed by the council Jan. 23 include a former mayor, city manager and four former and current members of the city’s planning commission. Here’s the skinny:

DAVID BONACCORSI | Attorney and current planning commissioner since 2007. Says: “I would bring a collegial, collaborative style of leadership–a style to which I naturally aspire to in any event…My goal would be to facilitate rather than to direct Council discussion and deliberation.” Past Nov 2012? Pledges not to run.

DON DRIGGS | Former Fremont city manager. Says: “It would not be my intent to lead a crusade, but I would provide strong executive leadership when the situation demands.” Past Nov. 2012? “The ‘Ed Lee’ maneuver would be totally avoided.”

P. MICHAEL DUBINSKY | Independent pharmaceutical consultant Says: “All citizen have a responsibility to pick up the civic ‘baton’ from time to time and many so. I have found that the civic undertakings I have become involved in draw on: skills learned and used while working in the public and private sectors…” Past Nov. 2012? References being a “temporary mayor.”

DEAN HANSON | Business consultant, long-time Fremont resident. Says: “I doubt if any of you know me. I am truly outside of the political process and have absolutely no interest in running for political office in the City of Fremont.”

BETH HOFFMAN | Businesswoman Says: Provided a list of 10 points important to Fremont’s future, including “reverse revenue leakage of Fremont consumers” and completion of Whole Foods and expansion of Tesla at the former Nummi plant. Past Nov. 2012? Makes no reference to future plans.

CHARLES LIN | Retired engineer Says: “To increase revenue, the best ways is probably to attract good companies to Fremont with high paying job and the accompanied local consumption taxation. It requires a city leader with a global understanding of the industry, adequate incentives for the target company and the cooperation of the city to help solve the logistic problems.” Past Nov. 2012? Calls job “just a 10 month assignment.”

DIRK LORENZ | Current planning commissioner, businessman. Says: “…I do know the issues as well as the community. I have an existing relationship with staff. My past experiences in leadership roles proves that I can facilitate council meetings and work with my fellow council members.” Past Nov. 2012: Calls role as mayor will be as a “placeholder.”

DANIEL LYDON | Former Fremont fire chief and planning commissioner. Says: [Handwritten] “With my background I believe I can contribute in a manner that would be beneficial to the City of Fremont, its business community and most importantly its residents.” Past Nov. 2012? No mention.

TERRY MAHURON | CEO, Serra Corporation. Says: “My financial and business experience would ensure that these nine months will help establish a productive momentum for our next mayor.” Past Nov. 2012: Will not seek further terms as mayor or councilmember.

LALIT MATHUR | Civil engineer, former council candidate. Says: “I want to lay some foundations for the future mayors and council members to move on, to build on, to make this city a vibrant place for people of all ages and class.” Past Nov. 2012? No clear reference of future intent.

GUS MORRISON | Former Fremont mayor, council member. Says: “In all humility, there is no one else with the proven experience and demonstrated service, with the unique sill set the job requires, r with the positive track record of helping Fremont grow and prosper.” Past Nov. 2012? Does not intend to be a candidate for “anything in November.”

AISHA WAHAB | Alameda County commissioner. Says: “As a recent graduate and a strong advocate for community responsibility I believe that I can the voice that has been ignored.” Past Nov. 2012? No clear intention.

PAULINE WEAVER | Former Fremont planning commissioner. Says: “I am no stranger to presiding over meetings and I have a reputation for fairness and impartiality in my treatment of other participants and in the moving of an agenda.” Past Nov. 2012? Calls herself a “place-holder.”

DAN WILIKOWSKY | Former Union Sanitary District director. Says: “I feel my 22 years of elected experience as a Fremont director for the Union Sanitary District provides an understanding of the issues facing the community and my willingness to serve.” Past Nov. 2012: No intention to run for either mayor or council.