Tauscher Steps Down From State Department Post; Hayashi’s LGBT License Plate Bill

Jan. 25, 2012 | For those of you wondering if there is any connection between this and the group Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi is rumored to have posed as a lesbian to gain campaign fundraising support, it is not.

LGBT plate in South Carolina.

Nevertheless, Hayashi introduced AB 1539 Wednesday which would create the state’s first lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender specialty license plate.

“This will be an important opportunity for Californians to show their support for the LGBT community and address a major problem that is affecting all youth,” said Hayashi in a statement.

“LGBT youth are at an increased risk for bullying, which can have devastating effects on their health, even leading to suicide. By purchasing this plate, the public can put a stop to bullying and help make a difference for our kids.”

If passed, it would join South Carolina, Maryland and Indiana with similar LGBT plates.

Ironically, if bullying is the problem, wouldn’t displaying it on your bumper make it worse?


Ellen Tauscher will resign her post as undersecretary of state for arms control next month, according to Foreign Policy.

The former seven-term congresswoman from the East Bay had previously suffered from esophageal cancer.

Although her health has been improving, she plans to take time off from her duties as the state department’s top arms control official for the newly-created part-time position of “special envoy for strategic stability and missile defense.”

In her new special envoy role, Tauscher will report directly up to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and will maintain control of several specific projects she has been working on. She will remain the lead official on the president’s bilateral commission on strategic stability with Russia, and will keep her role as lead negotiator for amissile defense cooperation agreement with Russia.

Tauscher resigned from Congress in 2009 to join the State Department. She says she plans to continue advocacy work in the fight against cancer.

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